The Oldest US Ski Resorts/Areas That Are Still Open

    Oldest US Ski Resorts

    Throughout the last century, many ski resorts have come and gone in the United States. Some of these ski resorts go on to be incredibly successful and attract skiers from all around the world year after year. However, many others fail to turn the profits they need to stay in operation. Here is a list of some of the oldest ski resorts in the United States that are still open.

    1. Howelsen Hill – Open Since 1915

    This is arguably the oldest ski resort in America that is still open. It has been open for 103 years. That is a remarkable run for a ski resort. Howelsen Hill is located in Colorado near the more popular Steamboat Resort. Skiers have been enjoying the runs and the good quality snow at Howelsen Hill for longer than any other resort in the country.

    1. Eaglebrook School – Open Since 1922

    Eaglebrook School is a private boys school that is located in the state of Massachusetts. Although Eaglebrook School is well known for its prestigious academics, it also has its own ski mountain where students have long been participating in ski activities. It is the second longest operating ski destination in America

    1. Granlibakken Tahoe – Open Since 1927  

    Granlibakken Tahoe is a very small ski area on the California side of Lake Tahoe, California. Despite the fact that this ski area is small, skiers have been having fun skiing it for about ninety years. This fact just goes to show that the size of the mountain is not always the best indicator for how long the ski resort will last. Because Granlibakken Tahoe has been open for so long, it is likely that it will continue to attract skiers for many years to come. People in the Tahoe area who like skiing will certainly hope that it does!


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