Unusual Winter Sports You May Have Never Heard Of

    There are many great sports such as hockey, basketball, baseball, and football that are played by hundreds of millions of people around the world. However, there are many lesser known sports that can be very fun and which are also extremely interesting. Here is a list of some very unusual winter sports which you might not have ever heard of, but which you might want to try one day!

    Ice Karting

    Ice karting is very similar to go karting. However, instead of traditional go karts, karts with stronger engines and studded tires are used. These karts are able to grip the ice better and have the power needed to move very quickly on ice that has snow on it. Ice karting is popular in Finland. However, it could one day become more popular in other nations because it is a lot of fun!

    Ice Sailing

    Ice sailing is sailing, however, instead of cutting across the top of the water, the boat cuts across the top of ice. The sails are designed to capture enough wind power to propel the boat forwards at significant speeds. If you like traditional sailing, then you will most likely like ice sailing as well.


    Skijoring is a very interesting sport that involves a person being pulled by a horse, a dog, or a car on skis. The great thing about skijoring is that it does not require a slope in order to generate a significant amount of speed. Dogs and horses can run very fast, and obviously cars can drive fast. So, you can go very fast when skijoring. If you do try this sport, however, you need to make sure that you use proper safety procedures. Skijoring can be dangerous if you do not doing it safely.

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