Top 3 Places to go Cross-Country Skiing in America

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    Cross-country skiing is one of America’s favorite winter sports. This is because it is both fun and a great workout. Getting out for a good cross-country skiing session is an excellent way to connect with nature and to work on your fitness. Also, because cross-country ski trails tend to go through natural parks and forests, the air that you breath when you are on the trail is often extremely pure and clean. This is another positive aspect of cross-country skiing.

    Maine Huts and Trails

    The Maine Huts and Trails cross-country ski area consists of 45 miles of cross-country ski trails that go through some extremely beautiful wilderness. Maine is well known for its heavy snowfalls and so these trails are usually available from November – March. The coolest part about these trails is that there are huts periodically stationed along the way. So, you can stay overnight in the huts and continue skiing the next day. The huts have staff members and are semi-luxurious. So, they are actually nice places to stay. 

    Devil’s Thumb Ranch

    This cross-country ski area is located in Tabernash, CO. It is one of the most sought-after cross-country skiing destinations in the USA. This is because it has 68 miles of incredibly beautiful trails and a luxurious resort and spa. So, Devil’s Thumb Ranch is not just a great place to go cross-country skiing, it is also an excellent place to kick back and have a relaxing vacation. If you are looking for a brilliant mix between relaxation and incredible cross-country skiing, then this is a great option for you.

    Trapp Family Lodge

    The Trapp Family Lodge is a beautiful resort with access to 38 miles of incredible cross-country ski trails. This resort was initially created by the famous Von Trapp family who’s escape from Nazi-occupied Austria was chronicled in the movie The Sound of Music. The original lodge burned to the ground. However, a brand new ski lodge was constructed in 1983. The lodge has a restaurant and the resort features sleigh rides, a gym, and a maple sugar area.

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