What Are Great Lakes Freighter Cruises? Your Questions, Answered

    great lakes freighter cruise

    Have you dreamed of catching a ride on a freight ship, escaping the luxuries of your everyday life and exploring new terrain? Well, this is the reality that adventurous spirits experience on Great Lakes freighter cruises. While it may not be the easiest way to travel, it is certainly exciting — leaving you with stories that last a lifetime.

    What Is Freight Travel?

    Freight ships primarily exist to transport cargo around the world, but these vessels have caught the eyes of adventurous travelers. In addition to their cargo load, these ships can also carry up to 12 people, which can include luckily travelers if there’s space. You usually don’t buy a ticket for these journeys. Rather, you need to either know someone in the crew or win a ticket in a raffle. You can find a list of Great Lakes freighter cruises here, here, and on similar websites. You may also hear about freight travel raffles through other adventurers that you know.   

    What Are The Benefits of Freighter Cruises?

    Traveling on a freight ship is a completely unique experience and is something that few people are able to experience. For many people, this type of travel can be highly serene. Much like being in the mountains or forest, traveling across a body of water is a great time to think and enjoy the solitude. You will also catch a unique view of some of the country’s most beautiful bodies of water. As a passenger on this vessel, you can also get to know the crew and other travelers by eating meals and spending down time with them.

    How Long Can I Spend On A Freight Ship?

    The specific length of your stay will depend on the ship line. Shorter trips will run for a few weeks, which is likely the case with Great Lakes freighter cruises. Some people will choose to spend several months traveling across the ocean and even around the world. A shorter voyage may be best for those taking their first trip, and you can get more adventurous as you continue to seek out this experience.

    With so many ways to travel, freighter cruises are one of the most exciting. By exploring the Great Lakes on a ship, you are sure to catch a new perspective on the region and on travel in general.

    Image is courtesy of Boat Nerd

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