How to attach trekking poles to your backpack


    We’ve explored the pros of trekking poles before; how they can improve your balance on uneven trails, help protect your knees, and improve your posture, allowing you to breathe easier.  

     Still, if you’ve decided to start using a trekking pole, you may be left wondering how best to attach it to your pack. After all, there are going to be times when you don’t want or need to use your poles and would rather have your hands free.  

    Thankfully, there are a few easy options for securing your poles to your backpack. Let’s take a look.  

    Use the attachment point 

    Many backpacks these days come with trekking pole attachment points on the upper corners and along the sides in the form of drawstring-style loops. You can attach your poles to these points vertically, ensuring that you tighten them securely to avoid the poles moving around loads during your trek. 

    This video offers some great tips on how to get a tight fit: 

    Use your side pockets 

    There are many uses for your side pockets and using them to store your trekking poles is one of them. The first step is to completely collapse the poles to their most compact state. That is if you’ve opted to go for the telescopic model. If the poles are fully extended, then they’re more likely to get caught up in vegetation as you pass by and throw you off balance, so beware.   

    Once compressed, you can then place them handle side down in the pocket, with the tips facing upwards. Use the built-in compression straps on the side of your pack, if you have them, to secure the poles in place. Be sure to cinch the straps tight, so they don’t move around too much as you walk along.  

    Use the compression straps 

    If your bag doesn’t come with side pockets, but it does have compression straps, then you can just use these to hold your hiking poles in place. You may have them on the sides of your pack, but not necessarily, so take a close look to find the best place for your poles. 

    Simply pass the poles handle side down through the loosened straps and tighten the straps tightly. For this method to work, your poles will need to have the baskets attached, as this will prevent them from falling through the straps.  

    If you don’t have any compression straps on your backpack, then you may have slots to add your own. It may be worth buying some straps or other ties so that you have a way of attaching your poles to your pack.  


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