Explore the world’s most colorful natural wonders

    Natural Wonders

    The world around us is brimming with color, and while you may think of vibrant towns when you think of brightly colored locations, mother nature has lots of offerings of her own. From pink lakes to seemingly paint-filled hot springs, there are plenty of statement-making and eye-catching destinations out there.

    If you’re on the lookout for some of the most colorful natural wonders around, then keep reading for some Instagram-worthy no-filter-needed locations!

    Blue Lagoon – Grindavik, Iceland


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    Not where the iconic 80s movie was filmed, but impressive nonetheless. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland (for a reason), you should definitely add the Blue Lagoon to your bucket list. Take a relaxing and seemingly curative dip in its deceptively toasty ice blue waters, and thank us later.

    Caño Cristales – La Macarena, Colombia

    Its kaleidoscopic riverbed makes Caño Cristales one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, as you can find a gamut of shades ranging from blood red to sunshine yellow. To experience the colors at their most technicolor, head there between June and November. The only downside is that the experience won’t come cheap, as the access is limited and monopolized.

    Kawah Ijen Volcano – Java, Indonesia

    This volcano is unique for a single reason – it’s a volcano with blue lava. Though we should clarify that the lava itself is not azure blue as many people claim. Instead, the color happens due to uncommonly high levels of toxic sulphuric gas being simultaneously combusted and released.

    Vinicunca – Cusco, Peru


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    Vinicunca (or Rainbow Mountain as its commonly called) is a recent discovery for travelers, so head there fast before it’s taken over by tourists. There are some fantastic hiking opportunities amongst vibrant colored hues, and there are not many opportunities to have a photo against a backdrop that’s so picture-perfect.

    Las Coloradas – Yucatán, México

    You may have never heard of Las Coloradas before, as it had remained off of traveler’s radars due to its challenging accessibility, but the secret is out. Unfortunately, though you are now aware of the rosy waters, you can only see them and not bathe in them, as the access has now been limited to just an eye-candy experience.

    Lake Hillier – Goldfields-Esperance, Australia

    Desperate to take a dip in rosy waters? Then head to Australia, where Lake Hillier awaits. Though tricky to reach, as it can only be accessed by helicopter, you can reward yourself with a swim in its fuschia waters once you get there.

    Five Flower Lake – Sichuan Province, China

    Wuha Lake or Five Flower Lake regularly ranks as one of the most spectacular bodies of water on earth. Legend has it, the lake was created when a goddess dropped a shard of broken mirror. Whether you believe the myth or not, the turquoise, dazzling, crystalline water is well worth a visit to see if you can actually look at your reflection.

    Danakil Depression – Afar, Ethiopia

    This destination is not for those ill-disposed to heat, as the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is nestled amongst an inhospitable desert region. However, if you can take the heat (literally), the salt deposits ranging from amber to crimson in color is a jaw-dropping sight to behold.

    Seven Colored Earths – Chamarel, Mauritius

    Chamarel may be the only place in the world where you can experience an actual rainbow in corporeal form. The dunes are made up of an incredible range of hues, from toasty tangerine to dusky mauve. The attraction is ever-changing, though uneroded for some unexplained reason, despite the constant heavy rain.

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