5 fitness trends to pay attention to in 2018

    5 fitness trends to pay attention to in 2018 | ActionHub

    Although there are some staples to getting in shape and staying healthy, for the most part, fitness trends can be fleeting with some last no more than a year. With advancements in technology and the growth of social media, fitness trends have never been so changeable. One of the easiest ways to stay motivated is to stay on top of the current movements and based on the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018, we’re here to tell you what’s in and what’s out. Spoiler: it’s back to the basics. 

    #1 Trend for 2018 is HIIT 

    That’s right, the staple that is high intensity interval training is here to stay. This is no new concept to the health conscious among us and it is likely great news that it’s set to be on top going into the rest of the year. Gone are the days of long and boring steady-state cardio.  

    HIIT training typically involves short sharp burst of intense exercise followed by short periods of recovery. Usually, an average HIIT session will take you no more than 30 minutes to complete, which is ideal for those who hate staying on the treadmill for hours on end.  

    #2 Group training 

    In the past year, we’ve seen an explosion of all sorts of group fitness classes and they seem to be more creative than ever. Anything from the traditional spin class to crazy trampoline bouncing classes.  

    For many, it is far easier to be motivated in a group environment with other likeminded people and an instructor pushing you past your comfort zone. Group fitness also adds a much-needed social aspect to what can otherwise be a lonely way to get fit. 2018 is set to see the expansion of group training and who knows just what sorts of classes will be available.  

    #3 Wearable tech  

    Think watches, activity trackers, heart rate monitors, and even smart clothing. Yes, that’s right, companies are now developing technologies within the fabric of material to measure things like muscle output, heart rate and body temperature. Technology is advancing at in incredible rate and there’s no saying what will be on offer as the year progresses.  

    #4 Bodyweight training 

    Really heading back to the basics with this one is working out using minimal equipment. It’s hugely popular because it can be done virtually anywhere and doesn’t require an expensive gym membership or expert knowledge on weightlifting techniques. Bodyweight training is one of the oldest forms of getting fit and for good reason – it works.  

    #5 Strength training 

    In part, strength training has been hugely popularized by the increasing use in social media. No longer thought of as just a tool for men, females are now embracing the ‘strong body, strong mind’ mantra and are seeing undeniable results. We’re also beginning to see the youth and the elderly embrace strength training in order to aid balance, coordination and overall health.  

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