How to not freeze on your mountain bike this winter

How to not freeze on your mountain bike this winter | ActionHub

Mountain biking during wintertime can seem like a daunting idea, even if you’re an experienced rider. While cruising around during the warm summer days is hard to beat, you can still get a lot of enjoyment from mountain biking during the colder months. Plus, you’ll also reap the benefits of staying fit and active, all while enjoying the outdoors.

To enjoy mountain biking during winter, you just need to be prepared and have the right mindset. Keep reading for some tips on biking this winter, and enjoy some fresh air!

Have a good attitude

The hardest part will always be the beginning. Working up the motivation to go out and step into the cold while you’re warm and cozy indoors can be quite the challenge. We’re not going to lie, it’s always tough to walk outside into the snow and cold, but trust us that it’s worth it. You’re undoubtedly going to be a bit chilly for the first few minutes, but just remember that it’s temporary.

Layers are your best friend

The weather conditions during winter can sometimes be unpredictable, and the temperature can quickly shift. The key to staying comfortable while mountain biking is to stay warm without overheating, as overheating can be deadly in winter. If you get too hot and aren’t wearing the correct fabrics, your sweat will get your clothes wet, and make you very very cold. To avoid getting too hot, you need to layer your clothes and make sure your base layer is made out of a moisture-wicking fabric.


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Adjust your expectations

Mountain biking during the winter is very different than in the summer. The roads are more muddy, snowy, and icy so that you may cover half your usual mileage. You may also need to get up and walk where you’d usually be riding.

Don’t get discouraged, and just enjoy your snow-covered surroundings. Slow down if you have to, and enjoy the ride. Explore the new challenges the winter conditions have set, navigating through icy rocks or slogging through a muddy trail. Things change during winter time, so keep an open mind and just take things as they come.

Be aware of your limits

Knowing your limits is always important, but crucial during winter time as the consequences can be more fatal, especially when hypothermia is a real risk. Never head out alone, and don’t go on rides that are more difficult or longer than what you’re accustomed to. Know the signs of hypothermia, and be mindful of the signals your body is sending you.

Don’t let winter keep you from going out there and doing the things you enjoy. Stay alert, stay safe and just have fun!

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  1. Randy

    Suggesting slogging through a muddy trail is going to really tick off trail maintainers that work their tails off to keep trails well groomed. Where I ride, we stay off the trails when they are muddy so they stay nice and fast. And why put the disclaimer that the opinions expressed are of the author and not ActionHub when the by line states that ActionHub is the author?


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