3 surprising benefits of having a running partner

    3 surprising benefits of having a running partner | ActionHub

    With the days getting colder and darker, we could all use a little extra motivation to continue with our workout routine. Training with a partner could provide just the motivation you need to complete that strenuous run.

    We take a look at some of the benefits of having a running partner to inspire you to buddy up for your next run. So, get your workout gear on, grab a friend, and push yourself harder than you ever have before.

    It helps get you started

    No matter how much you enjoy running, sometimes you need that extra push to get started. Even getting a friend to phone up every couple of weeks and check on your progress will help, with one study finding that this gentle reminder increased the amount of exercise participants did by an average of 78%.

    When looking for a running buddy, try to choose someone who is emotionally supportive, as another study found that a partner with this quality increased the amount of exercise participants did even more than when selecting one that provided practical support instead.

    It improves your performance

    Have you ever gone out running with a friend and found that you push yourself harder than you would if you were on your own? Well, apparently you’re not alone. Exercising with a partner has been shown to improve performance across multiple sessions.

    Apparently, this is due to the Köhler Effect, where neither one wants to be seen as the weak link, causing both to put in more effort than they would have had they been training on their own. The trick is to choose a partner that is fitter than you, as this will make you work harder to keep up, thereby improving your performance.

    It will make the run more enjoyable

    So this may not be a particularly surprising benefit, but when you choose to run with a partner instead of going it solo, you’re more likely to have fun. You will have someone to talk to, someone to compete with and help keep your mind off any aches and pains.

    Forget getting bored on your run, with someone there to talk to the miles will fly by. Plus, you may even pick up a few tips to help you become a better runner, such as what gear to use, how to improve your form, or even more challenging routes you can take.  

    With a supportive friend by your side, you can push yourself to up the ante and meet your running goals.

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