What to have in your repair kit

    What to have in your repair kit | ActionHub

    For a lot of us, a repair kit consists of duct tape and not much else. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as there are countless uses for duct tape. However, there are still a few more items that you should include, as your gear can turn into your lifeline at any sign of trouble.

    Outdoor gear nowadays is built to be durable, but accidents still happen. Your equipment may get a hole on the trail or break down at the worst possible moment. If you’re not prepared, this can ruin your trip, so to avoid any mishaps on the trail and failed trips; you should compile a fix-it kit.

    Read on for some must-haves, and make sure to include your repair kit along with your other pack essentials on your next trip. 


    A reliable multi-tool should be a staple in all hikers backpacks. Your multi-tool should include scissors, as they can cut emergency bandages or fabric patches. It should also have a sharp blade and a good pair of pliers.

    Duct tape

    As we previously mentioned, duct tape has hundreds of uses. It can tape your tools back together and patch holes in your sleeping bag, tent, canteen or hydration bladder. Duct tape is a modern marvel, and it can replace or repair loads of outdoor survival and camping items.


    A small tube of superglue can repair many items, getting them back to working order. In case of any leaks; we recommend storing it in a small plastic sandwich bag.

    Source of fire

    This source of fire can be a lighter or matches. It can not only help you start a fire, but you can also fix things by heating webbing, rope, or other plastic gear by melting them into shape.

    Safety pins

    Sure, stitching your items using a needle or thread may be better, but in a pinch, use some safety pins to temporarily pin things together until you can adequately mend them.

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