Watch: Wakesurfing Session with a Dog

    Even at the best of times, balance while wakesurfing is no easy matter. Add a dog into the equation and it is made 100x harder. Fortunately for Andrew Muse, the wakesurfer in question, his dog is more well-behaved than most humans, even if it does look at little skeptical about what it is being made to do.

    Wakesurfing, growing in popularity, can be most closely compared to with wakeboarding. It is a water sport that involves you using a rope to build up your speed and get you on the boat’s wake. At this point, you drop the rope and ride the steep side of the wake, resembling surfing.

    The golden retriever in the video doesn’t really look like it knows what it going on but hey, at least it looks perfectly happy. At only 20 months old, it seems the dog could have a long wakesurfing career ahead, so we’ll no doubt see more videos in the future.

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