Watch: Man Films and Narrates Close Encounter with Bear

    Would you have kept your head enough to consider filming an encounter like this? This man certainly did, as his hike through Alaska’s Katmai National Park was interrupted by a bear and its two cubs.

    Calmly, the man explains to the camera “The mom and the cubs keep following me and are walking at least as fast as I am”. It would seem that the bears were merely curious and the man was fortunate that the protective side of the mother didn’t show.

    “And what I don’t want to do, as I’m walking backwards, is stumble” he continued to explain. Although his actions remained collected, he did show a slight sign of worry as the bears kept following him, stating “oh come on guys, give me a break”.

    The man filming took all the right steps in order to not aggravate the bears and turn it into a potentially deadly situation. Typically, if you encounter a bear as close up as this, the advice goes as follows:

    • Speak in a calm and appeasing tone
    • Slowly back away
    • Don’t run
    • Don’t turn your back

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