Mountain Biker Pops Friend’s Dislocated Shoulder Back in with No Experience

    Mountain biking is a risky sport and injuries are commonplace. Some of the most frequent injuries range from cuts and grazes to broken collar bones, repetitive strain injuries, joint sprains, and dislocated shoulders. Although it is impossible to predict the future and prevent every possible injury, awareness and acting sensibly will certainly help.

    In the video that you’re about to see, the pair of mountain bikers enjoying their day out seem sensible guys. As you can see, though, it only takes one small misjudgment for everything to go wrong. The video is pretty long, so we’ve started it for you where the action begins to take place.

    Fortunately, everything turned out alright and the guys weren’t seriously harmed which is why we can laugh at the video now. It’s funny to see they sealed the injured rider’s fate by saying “why don’t you take the lead so you can take the next fall?” Oh, if only he’d realized what he was about to do to his partner.

    It wasn’t long before we got to see what fate had in store for the cyclist taking the lead. Surprisingly, the guys seemed to remain remarkably calm throughout the whole ordeal. Shoulder dislocations are often as a result of extending your arm to break your fall and the rider can at least admit his mistake.

    We’ve got to say here, though, that unless you’re an expert, you can actually do more harm than good by trying to treat a dislocated shoulder yourself. This, in part, is because you aren’t able to identify if you’ve broken anything as well as dislocated. Ideally, you should place your arm in a sling and apply ice if you can.

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