The 5 Best Kiteboarding Beaches On Earth

1.La Ventana, Baja California

The Southern tip of California’s Baja peninsula is home to what might be the best kiteboarding spot on earth. The consistent winds coming of the Gulf of California make this location a kiteboarder’s dream. Combine that with the beautiful scenery and you have an almost perfect kiteboarding destination.

2.Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Another location with consistent winds, Cabarete beach in the Dominican Republic is another ideal kiteboarding spot. The beaches are also protected by a shallow reef which means smooth water inside and light breaking waves just outside the beach.


3.Dakhla in Morocco

With it’s large protected lagoon and tall sand dunes Dakhla beach in Morocco is a kiteboarders paradise. This is a must visit exotic location for any kiteboarder.


4.Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter, Florida is home to a number of MLB spring training camps and it’s also one of the best kiteboarding locations in America. While the winds might not be as consistent as the other location in this list there are plenty of other things to do nearby the beach. t’s also an easily accessible location from most of the USA.


5.Isla Margarita, Venezuela

Depending on the future political and economic situation in Venezuela you might want to consider  Isla Margarita for your next kiteboarding trip. The Caribbean winds blow year long at this beach and the resorts are great for relaxing afterwards.

Image from Brian Tai on YouTube

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