Have Your Drone Follow You for Great Action Shots

Drones and quadcopters have been the new GoPro of action sports videos as well as just about everything else.  They are capable of capturing some stunning footage; and most action sports today are filmed using them.  One brand, DJI, is known by many for their feature packed, high definition consumer units.  They are packed with user friendly controls and capabilities, such as the “Follow Me Mode” which allows users to have their drone automatically follow their movement.  It can make for some great summer action shots such as the video above.  It’s so simple and can make you look hardcore at almost any skill level.  On top of that, prices have been dropping significantly on models as more manufacturers emerge and as the technology improves.  Now is a great time to get into the game if you haven’t already; it’s a great way to catalog any summer adventures you take part in.

The hardest part now is finding music to go along with it afterwards.

Image from Dk2DallasPhotography on YouTube

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