The Many Forms Of Camping

    Camping is an outdoor leisure activity enjoyed by many. There are several different types of camping to suit the needs and desires of the individual. For most camping is a way to enjoy nature and get away from city life for a spell, usually at a campsite. Camping may involve the use of an RV, a camping trailer, a tent, a primitive structure, or no shelter at all.

    Camping in its true form is a method of surviving the elements but it has evolved into a popular recreational activity enjoyed by millions all around the globe. With this evolution, several different forms of this outdoor activity have developed.

    • RV Camping – This form utilizes an RV or Recreational Vehicle which is basically a self contained home-away-from-home on wheels. RV’s have many of the modern conveniences found in your home like a stove, refrigerator, bed, bathroom with shower, heater and even air conditioning. Most are equipped with a generator for power. Camping areas are limited to public campgrounds in most cases.
    • Camping Trailer – Similar to an RV with all the conveniences of home but these trailers are pulled behind your vehicle. Once at the campsite the trailer is disconnected from the tow vehicle and leveled for use. Camping areas are limited to public campgrounds in most cases.
    • Car Camping – This form of camping can utilize a tent or individuals can sleep in their vehicle which is parked at the campsite. This form typically is for first time campers and does not require the purchase of much gear.
    • Canoe/Kayak Camping – This form of camping is similar to backpacking and motorcycle camping with the only difference being that canoe or kayak is used as a mode of transportation to carry weight in place of a backpack. Again due to limited space and weight campsite conveniences are limited.
    • Bicycle or Motorcycle Camping – Lightweight camping gear is loaded on a bicycle or motorcycle which allows for greater distances into the back country than backpacking although less capacity for storage. This is primitive camping using a tent or just sleeping under the stars.
    • Backpacking – This form of camping use lightweight camping equipment that can be carried long distances on foot. Backpackers usually hike long distances across varying terrain, camping at remote spots along the trail. Due to limited space and weight campsite conveniences are very limited.
    • ATV Camping – Like Motorcycle camping, backpacking and canoe camping except more gear can be loaded on an ATV and it can be utilized by more people like the elderly and handicapped. ATV camping is primitive camping with the ability to have more campsite conveniences like chairs, coolers and tables.
    • Winter Camping – This form is more of a seasonal type of camping but due to the often extreme conditions such as cold temperatures and snow it requires different gear to be used such as tents, sleeping bags and clothing. Winter camping requires more preparation and survival training.
    • Glamping – This type of camping is like staying at a resort in the back country. Luxurious tents and sleeping accommodations are already setup and meals are cooked and served by gourmet chefs. This is tent camping with all of the conveniences of a 5-star resort.

    Camping is a popular way to enjoy the outdoors and experience nature at its best. There are many forms of camping and I have listed a few here. Properly equipped it is very satisfying for people young and old. What form of camping do you enjoy?

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    Canoe/kayak camping image from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on the flickr Creative Commons, Winter camping image from slashvee on the flickr Creative Commons

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