Best Gifts to Give in 2011: Jackets for All Outdoors Occasions

    Any winter activity will undoubtedly be more enjoyable with a well-functioning and warm winter jacket. Giving a winter jacket as a gift will just give you more reason to go and get outdoors to try out your new product immediately (not like you needed yet another excuse to get outside). Getting a quality jacket that lasts many seasons and is good for many occasions will impress the person who receives it. Here is a list of just a few jackets I would love to own myself.

    Detachable Parka Winter Jacket for Women
    Columbia Sportswear has a whole line of awesome Omni-heat jackets. The research that went in to making the Omni-heat jacket line is one of the the reasons why Columbia calls itself a technology company along with being an outdoors company. From this line of jackets, I recommend the women’s Whirlibird Interchange Jacket. It has a detaching lining just in case the jacket gets too warm for the weather, of course it’s waterproof and is lined with plush. Cherrybomb Plaid is the color for me!

    Men’s Puffy Jacket
    For a jacket that can be worn on the street or on the mountain, the Columbia Bugaboo Puff Down Jacket is the most appealing option. This one’s also made with Omni-heat technology which means it reflects the heat or cold it receives back in the direction from whence it came, so it will reflect your own body heat back to you and the cold back into the atmosphere – keeping you warmer for longer.

    Lengthy and Warm
    For something a little less active but a lot more cold, LL Bean has come up with the Long Ultrawarm Coat that is made for temperatures between 0 and -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering that some 80 percent of women are anemic without knowing it and do not create body heat well, this may come in very useful in a regular winter with temperatures above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. While it does have a fur trim that may deter some women from the style, it’s detachable and so is the entire hood.

    Modifiable Jacket for Cooler Weather
    For men, you can’t go wrong with the LL Bean All-Season 3-in-1 Jacket. The jacket is light, compact and as is the standard with most jackets today, it’s waterproof. It’s insulated but not made to withstand extreme cold, but rather cooler and even crisp temperatures.



    Not So Classic Peacoat
    Filson’s most famous women’s wear is the Wool Bomber Jacket. I love the design of this one. It goes one step beyond a normal peacoat and forms to fit a woman’s body. Wool is definitely by far the warmest natural material out there and with Filson’s style, I’m jealous of the woman that gets this present for the holidays.


    Rugged Outdoorsmen
    While most jackets you find in store now-a-days will be sporty, outdoors style, Filson holds strong in its design of rugged woodsman and rancher type outerwear. I just think of the wild west or a lone cabin in the woods when I see Filson’s jacket styles. For the classic look, take a peak at Filson’s Oil Finish Trucker Jacket. It’s windproof and has all the specifications of the original model of this jacket that’s made it a classic for decades.

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