Best Gifts to Give in 2011: The Scoop on Binoculars

    A quality pair of binoculars can be a gift that lasts generations. Binoculars are a great gift because they have so many different uses across so many different activities. They are most popular for bird-watching, hunting, viewing details of large and intricate landscapes and sporting events. The greatest joy I found in binoculars was when I first discovered the device as a child. I looked at EVERYTHING around me through binoculars and forward and backward and upside down. I love them. Now, I find old, vintage binoculars very intriguing and if you get a quality product, even your great-grandchildren could be using the same pair.

    Quality for Generations
    As far as quality lenses go, I’d go with a lens like the Vanguard Spirit ED 1042 Binocular. Vanguard has some of the best optic quality lenses that will definitely last a while. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on its optics and provides part replacement and repair services should anything tragic happen to your lens.


    Dawn and Dusk Viewing
    There are many reasons and specifications that decide what pair of binoculars you will buy; among those specifications consider where they will be used most and under what conditions. If you live in London and are anticipating many rainy days, get a waterproof pair. If purchasing lenses for a hunter, consider the time of the hunt where he/she will use the binoculars. For example, if the hunter will use the binoculars at dawn and dusk, consider getting the Nikon Monarch X Binocular, made especially to deal with low light conditions.

    Landscape and Colors
    For travelers and hikers, you’ll want a lightweight lens that isn’t bulky, but still offers an adequate depth-of-field while still offering great detail visibility. Leupold has designed a series of binoculars that would suit any intrepid traveler on your list. The Leupold Olympic Series binoculars maintain incredible color vitality and brightness. Even if your person is a hunter/traveler, they come in camo to suit his/her needs too.

    If you are not savvy in binocular jargon, read our guide about what type of lens specifications should you lens be for various outdoor situations here and more information on what to look for when buying a lens.

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