Best Gifts to Give in 2011: Not Your Typical Kayak

    Unless you live in the South, you might not think of a kayak is a good gift during the holidays, but the truth is this is one of the best times to buy them. A kayak is a gift that will last many seasons and offer up a multitude of fun to be had – and imagine your child’s excitement when they see their name on the biggest present in the house (that is, if you can get the thing wrapped)!

    Kayak for Kids
    A quality, sit-on-top kayak for youth is the Pelican Solo Youth Kayak. It can support a child’s weight (up to 140 lbs) and is a good entry-level kayak for very young children who are independent enough to go out on the water themselves. Kayaks are an exceptional holiday gift for warm climate dwellers, but can also be used in mild winters in northern, snowy parts of the country. Personally, I’ve gone kayaking in January in Michigan and if you can convince your child to come, just bring warm gloves!

    An Inflatable Kayak for Two from Sea-Doo
    For a spin on the traditional kayak give the gift of the Sea-Doo Airdeck 2 Inflatable kayak. This is especially ideal for travelers who are incapable of taking their kayak along on far-away trips because of transportation issues. Also, an inflatable kayak just adds a whole new element of fun for rowdy riders. Flip it and just use it as an inflatable platform or lounge around comfortably on the deck. It’s made for two, so a long adventure around an island or a winding river will make for a comfortable ride.

    A Fishermen’s Best Friend
    The Fluid Kayaks Bamba, a big-water fishing kayak, is scientifically designed and improved from scratch. It’s easy to maneuver, is stable and has ample gadgets and space to lay out a fisherman’s lure and catch. This is the kind of big toy that you’ll have a hard time convincing him or her to get off of to let you give it a try. They’ll be so happy to have just one more advantage over the fish they seek!

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