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Updated 04/22/21 7:44am
gps unit

5 of the Best GPS Units for Wilderness Adventures

There is no doubt that every real adventurer needs to have solid map and compass skills. But much of the time in the backcountry, we have higher-tech gadgets at our disposal, which we can use to our advantage. Probably tops among that wilderness technology is…

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smartwool Women's PhD Pro Endurance Print Crew

13 Best Women’s Trail Running Socks of 2020

We got input from several athletes and adventure writers to make our picks of the best women’s trail running socks on the market You’re not going to hop over to your local Walmart and find the best trail running socks to maximize your performance. So…

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phoozy thermal capsule

Phoozy Thermal Capsule XP-3: Extreme Temperature Protection

The Phoozy Thermal Capsule XP-3 is a sleeve designed to protect smartphones from extreme heat and cold, as well as offering flotation capabilities and drop protection up to 3 meters When I’m in the woods, it’s pretty common for me to pack my smartphone into…

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balega suzanne downing

What’s All the Hype about Balega Hidden Comfort Running Socks?

The pros, the cons and why I’m obsessed with Balega’s Hidden Comfort socks for all my runs Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned distance runner, you probably know the value of quality running shoes. And you know that caring for your feet can…

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sierra madre puffle review

Sierra Madre Puffle: Pitting it Against a Frigid Night

I tend to be a pretty warm sleeper. Even on chillier nights out in the woods, I rarely need more than a layer or two to stay comfortable and have a great night’s sleep. Because of that, a sleeping bag is often overkill, both in…

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surf reports

4 Great Sites to Get Up-to-Date Surf Reports

There is an abundance of surf forecasting and weather resources on the internet, but too many lack important details or they force you to visit multiple sites to get a complete view of the upcoming surf. What you want — nay, need — is quality…

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Cooper S/t MAxx

Overland Tech: Cooper S/T Maxx Tires

When it comes to overlanding tech, tires are arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment for someone getting into overland and off-road driving. It’s literally where the rubber meets the road and will make or break your next adventure. In this article, we’ll…

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overlanding bumpers

Overland Tech: Rear Bumpers

When building an overland vehicle and driving off-road, I quickly realized a few things: a full size spare tire is essential, extra gas would be nice to have for those hard-to-reach locations, and after a few trips through the rocks, my stock rear bumper was…

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