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Updated 12/09/21 3:04am

Finding the Best La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes for You

Whether you’re traversing ankle-biting rocks, dancing over downed trees or slipping on muddy curves, what you have on your feet can make a big difference between a good trail run and a disaster of a run. You want shoes on a single-track to grip the…

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Unpacked: Timelessness Puts MuskOx at the Head of the Menswear Herd

MuskOx’s apparel taps into man’s sense of adventure and knows the drive to embrace the ruggedness of wilderness and water The longevity of a piece of clothing is often found in something as simple as … well, it’s simplicity. It’s the notion that back-to-basics styling…

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Adventuring with the LIVSN Flex Canvas Pant

The LIVSN Flex Canvas Pant is intended to do more without looking tactical — perfect for adventuring outdoors and for heading into town The pursuit for the perfect pant. It may not sound quite as epic or adventurous as seeking out the perfect vista, or…

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Exploring Beyond Clothing’s Premium Modus Jacket

The Beyond Modus Jacket is a well-build and nicely featured lightweight hooded jacket, designed for active use in warmer weather Pop-up thunderstorms can be particularly hazardous in mountain environments. Lightning crackles, creeks swell quickly, hillsides become slippery and more difficult to navigate and an adventurer’s…

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Unpacked: Maloja Apparel Majoring in Mountain Sportswear

Catering to mountain sports enthusiasts, Maloja’s performance clothing blends function with a flair for European styling Occasionally along the East Coast of the U.S., fierce storms tear into the shoreline from the Northeast, bringing hard-driving winds and often heavy rain. They’re aptly called nor’easters, and…

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best trekking poles

5 Best Trekking Poles to Use on Your Next Hike or Trail Run

Like any piece of gear, getting the best trekking pole means exploring your options and finding what works best for your specific adventures Trekking poles (also called hiking poles, walking poles or hiking sticks) can give you the extra balance, stride and speed you need…

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rockay razer socks

Unpacked: Rockay Innovates the Performance Sock Market

Using a nylon fabric regenerated from ocean waste, Rockay’s running socks and performance sleeves are unlike anything else you’ll encounter In the performance wear market, there are numerous fabric blends to choose from. Many of them utilize wool and blend it with other natural materials…

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LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

This LuminAID PackLite helps to bring modern convenience to the outdoors   As a long-time fan of the TV show Shark Tank, I’ve seen hundreds of people pitch their products to investors. And I’ve been fascinated by a lot of those products. But when an…

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belong designs

Unpacked: How Belong Designs Invigorates Mountain Lifestyle

Belong Designs was founded in 2013 by three men fueled by creativity and harboring a passion for the Rocky Mountains Rarely is a clothing company able to so completely capture the style and substance of the mountains as Belong Designs does. The Colorado-based brand infuses…

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