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Updated 12/03/22 5:32pm

Pelican Freedom 100X Kayak

Every year about this time, when most other winter sports are winding down, I like to take to an Ozark stream for some cold weather floating, especially when there is a good snow on. This year I had the opportunity to try something a little…

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Montie Gear Tree Hook

I’ve gotta confess: I never thought I’d be ‘raving’ about a tree hook. In fact, I wasn’t quite sure that I’d ever really know what a ‘tree hook’ was or did, and when my good friend Dave asked me to try one out and write…

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Pelican Solo Youth Kayak | ActionHub

Pelican Solo Youth Kayak

Outdoor excursions in my home state of Michigan include a variety of activities, from the fall deer hunting season to winter snow sports to spring fishing to summer water sports—all of which I enjoy at every opportunity I get. Moreover, with five Great Lakes and…

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