Unpacked: Artilect Studios Creates an Exciting Culture of Dream Seekers


    Backed by Nuyarn Merino technology, Artilect Studios goes beyond boundaries to create an innovative clothing system

    I’m a sucker for a smart, functional and well-designed clothing system — the kinds of layering strategies that build from your base outward and complement each other through enhanced performance in a variety of weather conditions. While the first and second layers of such a system often serve me well on trail runs during the chilly months, I am able to tap into further layering on hikes or when I’m hitting the highest of my Blue Ridge elevations. When the baselayers from Artilect Studio arrived, everything from the fit and feel of the material to the packaging and culture of the brand struck me as unique. It was like wearing adventure, both physically and spiritually.

    To go inside the brand and see what they’re all about, we get Unpacked with Artilect Studio.

    Artilect is a Colorado-based clothing system launched in 2020 that utilizes a six-layer system, with a “secret” ingredient of the clothing being the use of Nuyarn. Nuyarn bills itself as the world’s first truly performance-spun Merino wool, with premium body-regulation capabilities as well as top-tier stretchiness and recovery in the fabric, all without having to employ elastane in the blend. And because of the reduced amount of processing needed, the material has a lower carbon footprint than others in its category.

    But what will be truly captivating for the user is the feel and usability of the material. The morning after a snow in my area, with the thermometer reading 28 degrees Fahrenheit, I was comfortably able to wear the A/SYS-1 baselayer crew, an ultralight 125 Merino. While the full system of layers isn’t available at the time of this writing, the promise in this line is intriguing for any adventurer.

    The company tagline, For Those Alive in the World, is a fitting one.


    The Mark in the Materials

    Between the A/SYS-1 and A/SYS-6 layers from Artilect, the company says that wearers will experience five times faster drying times, 35 percent more stretch, 35 percent more loft (i.e. less weight) and a 50 percent improvement in durability. I was impressed with the warmth of such a thin layer of fabric, and in the baselayers I tried on (shirt and legging), there were wonderful features scattered throughout.

    For example, the Boulder Crew shirt had nicely cut thumbholes to help ward off the wind and an eyelit knit under the arms to help with breathability. The Boulder Legging puts heavy focus on warmth farther down the limbs — what Artilect calls the parts “doing the hard-yards.”

    Of course, both of these employ Nuyarn technology, which has a patented twist-free process that drafts Merino fibers along a high-performance filament — the goal being to amplify the natural properties of the Merino.

    There is also a sustainability component to Nuyarn. This technology uses 30 percent less raw materials, and the fibers can be spun between 140 and 240 meters a minute, which, compared to conventional ring spinning at 12 to 14 meters a minute, consumes less space and less energy.

    As more and more of this brand’s products become available, it’ll be exciting to put them to the test.


    Creating a Culture

    Never before have I seen a brand’s packaging and product booklets capture the essence of an active lifestyle the way Artilect’s does. It draws you in and makes you want to be part of something that can become bigger.

    One publication (included in my shipment) from Artilect Studio’s Trent Bush is called Culture Lines. Not only does it walk us through the experience at a unique backcountry ski area, it also introduces us to the Black creative minds at a music collective and an artist who unearths the complexity of urban landscapes. It’s a supplement to a clothing brand that is both refreshing and engaging.

    In all, Artilect succeeds at funneling the three major representative qualities of humanity:

    • Logos: The allure of this brand is its functionality — clothing that really works when and how you need it to work.
    • Ethos: The sourcing of Nuyarn — from its lower environmental footprint to the advocacy for sustainable farming techniques — puts the ethical standards front and center.
    • Pathos: The passion behind the creation of these clothes is clear. Artilect explains that it’s not an outdoor brand but rather a performance brand that excels in the outdoors. The founders reach out to this adventurous world of ours and celebrate its most amazing aspects.

    From trails to slopes to peaks, the brand speaks to everyone who plays in our great outdoors.

    The Footsteps Forward

    Artilect challenges adventurers to “master your micro-climate” through the right gear, from the baselayer, nextlayer and insulayer (think next-to-skin and half-zip hoodies and jackets) up to the vaporlayer, missionlayer and polarlayer (think thick jackets, shells and down).

    And the company knows the risks of being extreme. Many of its items are infused with a unique Lifekey signature, which is assigned to an individual after the product is registered. The Lifekey feature lets family and friends know when you start an activity and can be a valuable connection in case of a health or situational emergency. Having been involved in wilderness search and rescue since 2005, I’ve seen how much can go wrong in the backcountry, and I’m eager to see how Lifekey functions on Artilect Studio’s clothing.

    This brand is built on big ideas and big creativity. The path forward looks bright.

    Unpacked is a regular feature on ActionHub to help people discover new performance and lifestyle items that will amplify their adventures and outdoor experiences. This article was not sponsored by the brand or any PR/marketing agency, and all opinions are that of the ActionHub writer.

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