The Top 4 Best MSR Snowshoes To Get

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    MSR is a company well known for making some of the very best snowshoes on the market today, providing excellent flotation over ice and snow in winter terrain.

    It should therefore come as no surprise that MSR offers a wide variety of different snow shoes on the market for you to consider, but with so many different models available, picking the best ones can certainly be a challenge.

    We’ll go over the best types of MSR snowshoes below, but before we get into that, it should be noted that all MSR snowshoes will provide you with more than adequate flotation and traction when hiking over snow, regardless of whether it be a softer and more powdery snow or the more icy and densely packed kind. The trick is finding the right kind of snowshoes for the right kind of snow.

    In other words, the snowshoes you need for powdery snow are not at all the same kind of snowshoes you need for icy or crusty snow. But there are also snowshoes that will be a good choice for snow that you will can expect to encounter ‘most of the time’ as well.

    Here are the top four best kinds of MSR snowshoes to get, presented in alphabetical order:


    The Denali Snowshoes from MSR are no longer being produced today, but they are still easily found on the used market and provide you with excellent value for the money.

    In fact, the Denali snowshoes still remain popular with buyers today thanks to their functional design available tail attachment that can increase flotation, and cleats that provide some of the very best multi-directional traction of any snowshoes you can get.

    Many users report owning Denali snowshoes all the way back since the 1990s and are still using them today, which speaks a lot to their quality.


    The Evo snowshoes feature two very aggressively toothed rails that are located on the underside of the injection molded plastic decking. There is also a crampon located beneath the ball of the foot as well.

    The biggest difference between the Evo and the Lightning and Revo snowshoes that we will cover in a bit are that they are lighter and best used on packed snow/ice trails rather than more powdery snow.

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    The Lightning snowshoes from MSR are designed to provide you with three hundred and sixty degrees of traction with the teeth cut into the frame and the cross bars.

    For that reason, the Lightning is marketed by MSR as being the very best traction snowshoes that they offer, being an excellent choice for crusty snow and the mixed ice and rock landscapes that can be difficult to traverse.

    That’s also not to mention that the Lightning frames can handle a much higher degree of torsional flex than most other kinds of snowshoes.

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    The MSR Revo snowshoes are very similar to the Lightning snowshoes, with the only real difference being that the teeth are cut into the sides of the frame rather than a full three hundred and sixty degrees.

    The Revo snowshoes also feature a crampon located beneath the ball of the foot, but without the toothed crossbars of the Lightning.

    Overall, MSR recommends the Revo snowshoes to be used for packed trails and more gentle terrain. Don’t use the Revo snowshoes over rocky environments, as they are not at all designed for that.

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