Moonlight: Planning Your Camping Trip Just Got Easy

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    Camping is all about getting back to nature and spending time outdoors, especially today when we’re so easily distracted by our many technological devices. However, now there is one new app that you won’t want to leave behind when planning your next camping trip.

    The IOS Moonlight app is a camping trip planner that has been created to help you and your friends coordinate and organize everything you need to set off into the great outdoors for the next few days.

    Getting back to nature may imply a simplistic approach, but there a lot of things you need to be aware of to stay safe on your outdoor adventure. From the best specialist equipment you’ll need to pack to expert knowledge and guidance on putting up your tent, Moonlight has a collaborative checklist for everything you will need to know.

    How Does it Work?

    Designed specifically to cater to campers, the app features a multitude of useful tips, including varied recipe ideas that will be easy to whip up on portable stove. Your group will also be able to create a day by day itinerary using the activity planner and assign items to be purchased and packed by each individual. You don’t want to forget to pack something important – like tent pegs or torches – as this will spoil your trip before you’ve even started.

    Moonlight is pre-programmed with an extensive library of practical sources and information on enjoying your camping trip whilst staying warm and dry. These are aimed at campers of all abilities and experiences, from those heading to the campsite for the first time to experts at outdoor living.

    Your group can import all the information regarding your campsite directly into the app and share details on where you are going and what you will need. This information can also be inputted manually if you want to add anything from previous experience.

    The offline mode is one of the newer features of the app and can be particularly useful during your trip when there is little to no internet connection surrounding your campsite. This new feature allows members of your group to access all of your current checklists and Moonlight information without access to the internet.

    Downloading the Moonlight App

    Downloading the app is free, with the option to upgrade to the premium version and in app purchases costing $5.99. This will allow you to access the recipes and meal ideas, information of activities and additional camping hints and tips, such as where to buy the best tent or creating a fire for cooking and warmth. If you are already an Active Advantage member, the premium version of moonlight is free.

    Active Network, the company behind the Moonlight camping app, are also currently working on releasing an Android version, so that you can plan your next camping adventure with ease, whatever kind of phone you use.

    Packing your rucksack and want to know the best campsite to go to or ensure your friend hasn’t forgotten the bottled water? Check out the Moonlight app and download it from the ITunes website.

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