Gear Review: The Waterproof Patagonia Stormfront

    From hiking to fishing, the Patagonia waterproof backpacks have been popular in recent years, with outdoor stores recommending them to customers getting ready for a variety of activities. The Stormfront range has undergone some new improvements and Patagonia are now releasing a new series.

    Both the Stormfront 30L and the Stormfront Hip Pack have been redesigned and added to as part of the new series release, two of the bags that many lovers of the outdoors have found invaluable since they first came out.

    Original characteristics and durability

    The original backpacks for known for the waterproof material and their durability, which made them ideal for camping trips and climbing. These are the main factors that customers wanted Patagonia to keep and it looks like they won’t be disappointed. Users of the new Stormfront bags highly recommend both of them if you’re looking for a simple day pack to keep your gear in while you’re actively enjoying the great outdoors. The weatherproof fabric means that you can store any small electronics – such as your phone or camera – inside the bag without worry about them becoming damaged, alongside food and an extra layer of clothing.

    Each Stormfront pack is designed using 840 denier double polyurethane coated nylon, so that the pack is incredibly strong and will protect against rips or sudden impact. All of the zips are corrosion proof, making it perfect to take with you when fishing. The main selling point of the new Stormfront bags is that neither water nor air is able to get in or out once the pack is closed.

    New comfort and shape

    As part of the new design, the new Stormfront backpacks are lighter and slightly longer, making them easier to carry throughout the day. The shoulder harness has been streamlined and air mesh straps have been added to improve comfort.

    A simplistic design is also one of the major selling points of the Stormfront series. The new series also offers a choice of three different colors in some of the packs from the range, including gray, orange and black.

    Added features

    New features of the bags include a padded back for comfort while wearing the pack; an extra inside mesh pocket for storing valuables or money; a padded gear case on the inside of the bag to protect breakable items or devices. Patagonia have also added external rod tube clasps to the sides of the new Stormfront backpacks, meaning that if you are on a hike your rods will attach easily to your bag.

    Price tag

    The popularity of the Stormfronts series continues despite the price tag, which is highly expensive and is not budget friendly. If you do not head into the outdoors on a regular basis or are just starting to put together your kit, the price of Patagonia Waterproof Stormfront backpack may be off-putting. However, if you want a piece of kit that will stand the test of time, looks awesome, and is of the requisite quality when camping and trekking, sign up and get one!

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