SnakeBite911: the Must-Have App for Snake Country Trekkers

    snakebite911Planning on venturing into snake country? BTG, the company behind CroFab, one of the only two snake antivenom treatments used in North America, has released an App that may very well save your life.

    SnakeBite911 is a handy lightweight app that comes packed with a range of features useful for both experienced trekkers and wildlife novices alike. While we always recommend doing your research before you head out on the trail, SnakeBite911 is a worthy companion.

    Snake Sightings Map

    While snakes are known to roam in some regions of the United States, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll only find them there. Snake sightings often happen hundreds of miles outside known areas of habitation, so this section of SnakeBite911 is a goldmine of information of recent snake sightings.

    Knowing whether there has been a recent sighting in an area you’re planning on visiting can give you the added impetus to ensure you’re prepared. However, remember that this section is crowdsourced, so it won’t be 100% accurate or complete.

    ‘Actions to Avoid’ Checklist

    It’s amazing just how much misinformation is out there when it comes to avoiding and treating snakebites. This simple yet critical section of the app is easy to digest and covers the most important actions you need to avoid when in snake country.

    public-snake-speciesHospital Locator

    Calling 911 isn’t always possible due to cell signal, which means knowing where the nearest hospital is located is vital information. Using GPS, SnakeBite911 allows the user to quickly and easily access hospital contact and location information.

    Remember, try and avoid driving to the hospital yourself. Ideally, you’ll have the opportunity for medical attention to come to you. Driving should be a last resort.

    Emergency Support

    Once bitten, victims and their companions can often spiral into panic and confusion. This (often temporary) state loses valuable time in ensuring medical assistance arrives as soon as possible. It can also lead to incorrect and dangerous action being taken.

    The emergency support section is an excellent section of SnakeBite911, as it gives the exact steps that you should take should disaster strike. It provides an easy-to-follow checklist that can make the difference when in a life or death situation.

    Additional Advice

    In addition to getting your hands on SnakeBite911, we also recommend taking the following steps:

    • If possible, wear protective shoes and pants
    • Keep away from snakes; they will only attack you if they feel threatened
    • Watch you step and where you sit down

    If you or a friend or family member is a victim of a bite, don’t panic. It’s very unlikely the bite will be fatal; follow the instructions found in SnakeBite911 and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll live to tell the tale!

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