Hi-Tec Altitude Lite Hiking Boot

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    Hi-Tec Altitude Lite | ActionHub

    Durability, value, and waterproofing make the Hi-Tec Altitude Lite an upstanding hiking boot at a fair price.

    Though the Hi-Tec boot is suited for day hikes and perhaps for carrying loads as heavy as 50-60 pounds, it seems best-suited for the recreational hiker looking to amp up the game in occasional tougher terrain versus, say,  a bucolic woods walk through fir and ferns.

    From out of the box and onto the feet, the boots felt a tad stiff initially. It took a few miles to get the kinks out, but there was no blistering breaking in period. In no time, stability and sturdy stood linked underfoot.

    A lightweight hiking boot, the high cut ankle collar is a another layer of defense against the perils of the trail that can causes some contusions when the terrain gets tough or when carrying a hefty load. The collar is a foot soldier against those nagging rocks and sticks that sometimes try to invade your foot. So is the gusseted tongue. The waterproof liner also is protection against small creeks, mud and brooks. But let’s face it, if you wade in the water, you’re going to get wet.

    The multi-directional sole provides for good stability on the trail. The EVA mid-sole provides comfort. EVA means Ethyl-vinyl acetate. That’s a polymer used to relieve stress when objects, like your foot and trail, collide.The idea is to provide support like around the front of the foot. EVA is a light material with a nice cushion.

    The front of the boot contains a suede and mesh offer that serves up some brawn.

    The lacing with its rustproofing hardware made the boots nice and snug though there were times the laces became undone. Whether that’s because of the boot or foot’s owner, it was hard to tell. There was a bit of uncertainty on a few steps when hard, sharp rock made its presence known with a slight stab underfoot.

    Over the years, I’ve worn out a host of hiking boots that have come off the proverbial shelf. From lightweight to those touting stiff leather uppers and all, eventually the miles and mountains win and the boots go to the town dump. There’s no doubt that these boots will suffer the same fate as in hiking season I readily tally up the miles and it will be interesting to see how long these last. But for modest use and some exploration of trails that are on the harder side of moderate, these boots look to provide comfort over a finite number of miles for a lion’s share of leisurely hikers.


    Hi-Tec continues its fine line of boots.


    Over the miles, a good companion.


    The $89.99 price tag seems fair.


    It’s possible that over the miles those making the decision to purchase a lite boot instead of a more rugged boot might feel some sharp rocks underfoot down the road.

    Image by Marty Basch

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