EnergIce Bars

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    EnergIce Bars | ActionHub

    EnergIce is the newest energy supplement alternative on the market.

    With the active lifestyles that most of us lead, the energy supplement market has been booming. It is hard not to turn to one of the many forms of energy replenishers or enhancers to give ourselves that extra push we may need to make it through the day. Unlike anything else on the market, a new energy popsicle has recently been released to provide an alternative to the array of juices, gels, and bars.

    The makers of EnergIce guarantee their “rocket fuel” contains no caffeine or stimulants. Instead, the extra energy boost comes from a plethora of B vitamins that speed up metabolism and help the body use all the natural energy available in fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that you have already consumed.

    The main drawback, as with most energy supplements, is the sugar content. Though all three flavors hover around nine grams of sugar, I believe this is what caused the undesired “crash” about two hours after I consumed the bars.

    Normally a coffee and energy bar fan, I was interested to see the effects of these frozen treats because, when I received them, they reminded me of the ICEEs my parents would give me after a long day playing outside in the hot sun. Not surprisingly, as I tasted each one, the similarities were even more apparent. All three flavors, ARTIC BLAST Blue Raspberry, ROCKET FUEL Fruit Punch, and E-LECTRIC Lemon Lime, had a strong, pleasing taste. My favorite was blue raspberry, though it turned my tongue a little blue.

    I did feel a slight increase in energy and focus about a half-hour after consuming the popsicles, though it only seemed to last about an hour or two, and was followed by a slight sugar crash. I was pleased that each popsicle only contained 40 calories, making them much lighter than other energy drinks and bars. I was also impressed that the plastic casing was much easier to open than my childhood treats had been.

    The most obvious problem with this form of energy supplement is portability. EnergIce is not something that you can throw in your bag and take with you on a hike, it needs to come straight from the freezer. When trying to take them with me on the go, I found they melted quickly, so we decided to opt against slurping the juice from the hard-to-control plastic packaging.

    These ice bars would be ideal for after a beach volleyball game or a long day of water sports. As such, if you live in the South and are looking for a refreshing way to replenish and refuel, EnergIce is worth a try. In colder areas, like my hometown in Michigan, the demand for such a snack may not be as high.

    Image by Lauren Montemurri

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