PROSPECS Trail Walk Delivers Specialized Support

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The Trail Walk 402 from PROSPECS.

The Trail Walk 401 (Men) and 402 (Women) are light hiking and walking shoes made by PROSPECS. I was recently sent a pair of the women’s version to test out and either recommend or dissuade our readers from purchasing.

Although I own a pair of heavy-duty hiking boots, a lighter version geared toward spending only a few hours on the trail, as well as several pairs of tennis shoes either made for the gym or running, I never thought a shoe made specifically for trail walking was necessary. Each type of activity requires the body to place weight on specific areas of the foot, and this shoe has succeeded in cushioning these areas and giving comfort throughout a trail walk.

Recently, since moving to an area in a bigger city where hiking paths are not as common, this shoe has proved useful. The closest I have gotten to nature around my new house are the paved walking paths through small areas of woods built around rivers, with some trails that branch off of these paths.


While the Trail Walk resembles a traditional tennis shoe, it has increased traction and durability, guaranteeing the outdoors won't tear it to pieces. It also includes a Walking Impact Zone sole, and while I usually use my own sole inserts, these were comfortable enough on their own to have me pass mine over.


It should be noted that I have only used the Trail Walk several times, all on light trails up north in Michigan. There was no wear on the shoes that could be seen, even when I encountered water, mud, and plenty of scuffs along the way. Another big selling point for me was that I didn't need to break them in.


The Trail Walk retails for $149, which is a pretty decent price for a trail walking shoe. Buyers are paying for the quality, and they won't be disappointed with this purchase.


One of the biggest reasons why I refer this shoe is not only because of its superb function on the trail, but because of its look that can be easily transitioned into day-to-day wear. It is a stylish shoe that people can wear in a variety of circumstances.

Image by Ariel Black

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One thought on “PROSPECS Trail Walk Delivers Specialized Support

  1. Bonnie Meyers

    Thanks Ariel for the GREAT review! We are proud of the Trail Walk shoe, especially it’s stylish look and superb performance on dirt trails. Glad you like it, too!


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