Pelican ProGear S145 Sport Tablet Backpack

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    “Survival” is more about having the right mindset than having the right gear. But having the right gear sure can be a help. Since survival situations can occur in the backcountry and in urban environments, it helps to have gear that is fitted for both. Moreover, it also helps to have an effective means to carry whatever gear is necessary to your situation—something suitable to a variety of environments.

    Pelican’s ProGear S145 Sport Tablet Backpack offers a useful means of carrying both backcountry and urban gear. I’ve been wearing one to the office, around town to a few coffee shops, and outdoors over a few trails while carrying everything from backcountry survival gear (rope, blanket, extra clothes, entrenching tool, etc.) to urban survival gear (iPad, books, water bottle, chargers, etc.) and can attest that this backpack not only looks good but also functions well.


    • Impact Protected iPad/Tablet Sleeve
    • Fast Access Top Load Design
    • Rigid Front Plate
    • 21-liter Main Storage
    • Ergonomic Design with Deep Ventilated Channel Back
    • Price: $109.95

    Images by Mark Kakkuri

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