Crooked Horn Outfitters Trail Light

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    This Trail Light may very well be one of my favorite new gadgets. It’s just a little light that’s always there, clips to everything and works. I clipped one on each strap of my pack and haven’t used any other light since. It’s extremely light and compact making it very easy to add to your pack or gear with the only noticeable difference being better illumination.

    The light comes with two sets of batteries and has two clipping mechanisms. It can clamp to a vertical or horizontal strap and opens wide enough to even be clipped to the brim of a hat. The main light portion opens to show four LED bulbs. Two bulbs are white and the other are green with one of each on separate heads that can swivel independently. Having the two independent heads makes it easy to light the ground directly in front of you as well as further ahead on the trail.

    There’s not a ton more to say about his light really, it simply works. It can fit any application and the movement of the lights makes it super easy to light whatever area you need no matter how it it is fixed to you or your gear.

    The Trail Light retails for $24.99 over at the Crooked Horn Outfitters website. There’s also a “Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off” deal right now with discount code “WTH”.

    Images courtesy The Will to Hunt

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