Pelican Solo Youth Kayak

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    Pelican Solo Youth Kayak | ActionHub

    Outdoor excursions in my home state of Michigan include a variety of activities, from the fall deer hunting season to winter snow sports to spring fishing to summer water sports—all of which I enjoy at every opportunity I get. Moreover, with five Great Lakes and thousands of inland lakes and rivers available to residents and visitors alike, water craft such as canoes and kayaks are very popular for individuals and families. Since my family and I enjoyed kayaking on Mona Lake in Norton Shores, Mich. earlier this year and look forward to more kayaking in the future, I jumped at the chance to review Pelican International’s Solo, a 6’ sit-on-top youth kayak. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the Solo is a youth kayak, it would not be me doing the testing but one of my four children. I drafted Jack, my 12-year old son.

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