The “Cush It” by LunaSea

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    The "Cush-It"

    If I had to pick one product from the 2011 ICast to vote “best in show”, hands down, the “Cush-It” from LunaSea products would steal the show. When I saw this, I had to think of how simple and easy, yet so primitive it is. I could not believe how long it has been since we needed something like this in the world of fishing. As a charter boat captain myself, I have seen toilet plungers, duct tape and everything else that could have been imagined, to shore up the end of a rod. Just when you begin to wonder how much technology is making our lives “easier”.  Just as we ask ourselves, what will they think of next? We get slammed back to reality. This Cush-It is years in the thought, but now it has years of success in front of it. I am convinced this product will be a staple of almost every charter, private and any other boat with the capabilities of holding a rod and reel onboard.  I have seen countless people get bruised, sore and fed up with the work it takes to bring big fish to the boat. So many people just give up fishing because of the pain they have to endure, to try and enjoy themselves. This weak link in the activity we all long for, but shy away from, has now been addressed by LunaSea.  This simple, inexpensive and very compact item can totally eliminate the issue of pain from the butt of a rod. No worries if it happens to fall overboard either, it also floats! I recently talked to Dave Wylie from Tripltime Charters in Key West, Florida. He uses the Cush-It on his charter boat. His last trip was with angler Jed Tenney. As Jed fights a nice bull Dolphin, Dave says, ” We have used many types of fighting belts, tennis balls and T-Locks. This is the most comfortable and practical design we have ever seen. It also teaches novice anglers good form, as a fighting belt gets out of position and t-locks fall off onto thier toes. It almost sticks to the body thus promoting proper technique without leaving a large bruise on the hip…..Great stuff! ” I have to agree with my buddy Dave. This is long overdue and I would highly suggest that if you are in the market to make your day on the water the difference between pain or enjoyment, this will help you decide. There is nothing negative to say about the “Cush-It”, by LunaSea products. All thumbs up, all the way around!

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