T-Reign Retractable Lanyard

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    As I walked through the 2011 ICast in Las Vegas, Nevada, I looked as closely as I could at the new twists on old names and most of all, brand new produsts. I was looking for new things that can make a trip on the water as productive and efficient as it can possibly be. I came across Randy Martin. He had something that has as familiar a look as anyone could think of, but, with a brand new twist. The T-Reign retractable Lanyard is advanced enough to be of value to any type of gear attatchment you could want. With three different ways to hold onto your vest, shorts, jacket or anything else you may be wearing, you can vurtually use it with any type of clothing. Velcro, carabeaner or belt sleeve. Any way you need to keep your gear at hand, this works. I watched Randy work with a GPS, scissors, all purpose tool, cell phone, map case, and even a trout net hanging off the back of the fishing vest. Items that were heavy enough to be almost cumbersome can now be at hand on a string, out of the way until it is needed. Most items have an “o”-ring or string to use.

    This T-Reign has a mini parchute clip with an wire to hold fast, without falling off or breaking. No rusting or losing anything anymore. The string is Kevlar and very durable. This product will last and I, personally, will get some and put them to use. I saw this as a product that demands attention from the sportsman who loves the woods or the water. My thumbs go up for the T-Reign Retractable Lanyard.

    Captain Craig Mann

    Western States Sportsman Pro-Staff

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