VANGUARD Spirit ED 1042 Binoculars Product Review

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    In my 50 years of life I have owned at least 30 pairs of binoculars, 50 or more scopes and at least a dozen spotting scopes. That alone gives me enough experience to feel comfortable about voicing an opinion on Vanguard’s latest arrival on the hunting scene, the SD1042 Binocular. As a blogger I get unique opportunities from time to time to test out cool products and publish the results. This is one such opportunity.

    Among my many endeavors I am a rabid coyote hunter, hiker, and photographer. So being able to see all that is going on around me, near or far is critical to these efforts. A good pair of binoculars is a key element in all outdoor activities where clear distance vision is needed. Among those activities is wildlife scouting or viewing.

    Being able to see game at a distance and before it sees you is essential when scouting and hunting. There is never a second chance in the woods so you better do it right the first time. Each trip out is unique and truly a once in a lifetime moment, every moment. So I make to excuses for equipment failure. If it cannot handle a day on the trail with me, it just can’t handle life in the real world. There’s a lot at stake out here. So I carry a back up for all my critical gear. Again, a failure out here cannot stop the trip or endanger those on it. I have to be able to trust my gear.

    Now some folks can compromise and be fine with that. But they don’t hunt, fish or hike in the wilderness of Northern Maine! Out here…. compromise is a dirty word, one that leaves you short.

    I am here to report that the Vanguard ED1042’s came through it all in spades.

    In an effort to add clarity to my reviews I am now using a more regulated framework and a scoring system that should help all my readers get a better feel for the product. It will focus more on the key points and rank of each product on a scale of assurance. In each category to follow I will list key questions with answers and close each category with a score from 1 to 5 on how they did.

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