Footwear for the Female in the Field

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    Finally SAFE from the VENOMOUS SNAKES in my LACROSSE “VENOM” Snake Boots!

    Shoes to fit the occasion is just one of the challenges women can face while tromping around in the woods.  I spend a lot of time outdoors, and will have to admit that most of that time has been with my little “tootsies” tucked into shoes designed for men.

    Years ago, before embarking on my outdoor adventures, I had no interest in shopping the Men’s Shoe department, but when the need arose, it found me desperately seeking the smaller sizes of rubber boots or hiking shoes, in alas, the Men’s Shoe section. Although many styles were offered in smaller sizes (my women’s size 8 would be a men’s 6) very few stores had them in stock.  One tip I did not know until then, is that men’s shoes typically run much wider, so even if I was lucky enough to find a size small enough, it would usually require 2-3 pairs of socks to fill the gap!

    A short time ago, I was fortunate to be included as one of several women for a Turkey Hunt to be filmed for an episode of “Benelli on Assignment”  in South Texas (Rattlesnake Country). A lot of the women were from states that had very few if any poisonous snakes, and became extremely anxious about the thought of a rattlesnake attack, thus set the stage for a “Snake Boot Shopping Spree”. Our entourage of 5 vehicles with  12+ passengers,   then proceeded to maneuver in and out of 3 Sporting Goods stores, . After several hours, the final outcome was  1 store with women’s style snake boot, with very limited stock on hand, which only provided 2 of the women with satisfactory protection from the dreaded snakes. All 3 stores carried men’s style snake boots, but did not stock the smaller sizes to accommodate our dainty feet.  I found it hard to believe! We were in Texas, the American Southwest,  Rattlesnake Country!  Quickly realizing that although the manufacturers were beginning to address women’s needs in the field, the retailers must also realize the need, and order the product!! Hopefully after our visit, those 3 stores in Victoria, TX will consider putting some girly shoes on the shelf.

    After spending a week in the woods,  with only my rubber boots which would provide only a slight deterrent for that dreaded Rattlesnake, I immediately returned home on a mission to find a pair of Snakeboots.  I began with Lacrosse Footwear, as I have some Lacrosse rubber boots that have served me well for 8 years, and have been very comfortable. They are a men’s style boot, but available in sizes small enough for women.  I am now the proud owner of a lovely pair of Lacrosse “Venom” Snake Boots! Although not specifically designed for women, but designed with the woman in mind. The “Venom” comes in smaller sizes and with the standard extra padding, provides a very comfortable fit for everyone! The laces make is easy for you to adjust for a perfect fit from your foot up to your calves, and the side zipper acts more like a quick release without readjusting the laces! They have combined several proven patented materials for a scent-free,  waterproof boot  with 360 degree protection from those ferocious fangs! These boots are extremely light, weighing only 2.5 pounds each,  and after walking in them all day, that makes a huge difference for me!  Lacrosse also has women’s rubber boots available, and As per Erin with Lacrosse, there will also be a women’s hiking boot “Big Country” available in the fall of 2011.  If these boots are hard to locate, you can go directly to the Lacrosse website and place your order,

    There are several other leaders in the industry of quality footwear that have begun to recognize and address the needs of women’s feet in the field inlcuding  Irish Setter, Danner, and Cabelas also has their own line.

    Conclusion:  If you  are  an outdoor woman, and finicky about your footwear,  the word is out that women are about…. and Glory be for you and me!

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