6 Best Ski Gloves for the 2020-21 Season

    Because your hands are so susceptible to heat loss, particularly on the slopes, having the best ski gloves is vital

    Winter may be unpopular for so many reasons: The beaches are windy, the sun is missing, and the day is unbearably shorter. Yet, despite all the grievances, lethargy, and intense cold that the snow season brings with it, it gifts us the great opportunity to go skiing. Skiing has grown from just a widely loved leisure activity to a full-fledged sport.

    People love to ski, not only as a pastime but as a great way to spend time with friends and family. Also, many people find it difficult to exercise during winter; a reason is that they continuously have to wear heavy clothing. Skiing, however, presents itself as a solution, being an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

    With these myriad benefits of skiing, winter can quickly go from your worst season to your best.

    Yet, to be able to ski safely and well, you have to dress appropriately. The hands are the first parts of the body to suffer from heat loss, hence the importance of gloves. To increase comfort and functionality during skiing, you need to wear gloves — skiing gloves precisely. Now the market is full of many options, and you may be confused as to which are the best ski gloves. We are here to serve as a guide in choosing the perfect skiing gloves.

    How To Choose the Best Ski Gloves

    Vital as it is to have ski gloves, how do you know which is best for your skiing needs? We must also emphasize that ordinary gloves do not suffice for skiing. We advise that you do not go skiing without the right pair of gloves.

    What unnegotiable features should the right pair of skiing gloves possess? We explored:

    Warmth: Ski gloves provide varying degrees of warmth. However, some days are colder than others, making it necessary to pick out a pair of gloves that suit the temperature readings.

    Insulation: Insulation is related to warmth as highly insulated gloves work better on colder days. Adequate insulation provides breathability and ease of movement. Down Insulators are best for nature, dry and cold conditions, while Thinsulate insulators are excellent for dexterity and swiftness. Primaloft insulators are designed to keep you warm on a wet day.

    Lining and Size: A pair of ski gloves with the perfect lining feels comfortable and keeps you warm. Also, a good ski glove is one that must fit you perfectly, so do well to check for your size and the guarantee that the gloves will hold your hands and fingers snugly.

    Cuff Style: The cuff style is more of a preference issue than functionality. The options here are the” Under the cuff” style and” Over the cuff” style. Your jacket may impact your choice.

    1. La Sportiva Stretch Gloves

    This ski glove alternative is created from leather fabric. It possesses a weight of 22g, and its sizes range from XS to XL. This stretch glove features Polartec fleece which provides warmth to the hands of the wearer.

    This highly breathable fleece glove specially put together for ski touring, and mountain activities provide a great degree of agility and relatively lasts long. Its unique fabric is the definitive factor that makes it strong and considerably durable. The gloves also come with a one-year warranty.

    Key Features

    – It possesses a Reinforced leather palm for gripping well
    – It is very durable
    – The gloves provide adequate warmth
    – It is obtainable in two color variants, black and yellow

    Pros/It possesses a Reinforced leather palm for gripping well and is very durable.
    Cons/Is slim enough to be used as a liner glove, but some may miss the added warmth from not having a bulkier glove to begin with.
    Bottom Line/This pair of gloves has a supreme and versatile grip thanks to the leather palm and fits snugly.

    2. Cevapro 30°F Winter/Thermal Gloves

    The Cevapro glove is made specifically for outdoor winter sports. Its anti-slip leather helps to increase friction and make it easy to grip poles firmly. It has a fleece liner that makes it extremely breathable and keeps the wearer’s hands warm. This ski globe alternative has a touchscreen technology situated on the index finger to allow for texting.

    These gloves come with a TPU waterproof layer that protects the wearer’s hands in any weather. Due to its double shirred elastic wrist, the gloves are tightly secured on your hands to keep snowmelt and rain out.

    Key Features

    – It possesses 3M insulated cotton for perfect warmth
    – It is designed with durable material
    – It is waterproof
    – It includes a sensitive touchscreen
    – It is usable for multiple occasions
    – It is anti-slip

    Pros/Great thermal containment, waterproof and more -- all at an affordable price.
    Cons/Touchscreen use doesn't always work well, and you may have to size up to get the right fit.
    Bottom Line/The 3M Thinsulate liner is top-notch, and the stitching will last a long time on these.

    3. Darkin Women’s Sequoia Glove

    The Darkin Women’s Sequoia glove provides the highest level of breathability, waterproofing, durability, and softness to give adequate comfort and protection. It is a fleece liner glove with dexterity. It has a zippered stash pocket with nose and googles wipe panel.

    These gloves are not only lightweight but also features a durable water repellent treatment. They are very easy to maintain and are washing machine friendly.

    Key Features

    – One-hand cinch gauntlet cuff closure
    – Rubber Tec Palm
    – Nylon/Poly Shell Fabric (treated with DWR)
    – Removable touch screen
    – Gore-Tex
    – Zipper closure

    Pros/Excels with waterproofing and breathable insulation.
    Cons/If you have short fingers, you may struggle with the right fit.
    Bottom Line/These gloves are well worth the hype, and the one-hand, cinch gauntlet closure truly makes for for an easy on and off.

    4. Velazzio Ski Gloves

    How will you like a ski glove with sensitive touchscreen technology on the thumb and index finger with waterproof properties and is also soft and durable? Well, Velazzio ski gloves have all those properties and more. Velazzio’s eco-friendliness helps insulation and maximize agility. Designed to make skiing more comfortable, the Velazzio Ski Gloves are waterproof and breathable.

    These gloves come with adjustable wrist pull straps which provide for warmth and ensures they are secured tightly on the wearer’s hands. A unique feature of these gloves is its long cuffs with drawstring closure for snow protection. 

    Key Features

    – Drawstring closure
    – Machine washable
    – Added wind and snow protection
    – Touchscreen compatible
    – Waterproof & breathable
    – Eco-efficient insulation

    Pros/The touchscreen function works very well, and they are particularly durable.
    Cons/Ideal for 30-50 degree weather, though they may not keep you warm if it gets much colder.
    Bottom Line/These gloves are lightweight but sturdy and comfortable -- not bulky -- and they are breathable.

    5. MCTi Waterproof Snowboard Thinsulate

    When it comes to a lightweight and durable design, MCTi glove is just the right ski gloves for you. Its significant features are it’s breathability, warmth, and touchscreen functionality. It was knitted with polyester lining to keep hands warm and dry.

    These cost-effective ski gloves provide for extra warmth thanks to its thermal thinsulate insulations and its thick fabric. It also comes with a waterproof material that keeps the wearer’s hands warm and dry during skiing.

    Key Features

    – Low bulk
    – Has a Thinsulate insulator
    – Features a Touchscreen function
    – Waterproof and windproof
    – Wear-resistant
    – Possesses a zipper pocket and is custom fit

    Pros/The stitching is solid, and they have strong waterproofing and are very warm.
    Cons/Not as breathable as other gloves, so sweat on your hands sometimes doesn't have anywhere to go.
    Bottom Line/These gloves are flexible and enhance grip with the soft pu fabric. And the fingers design are 3D curved according to your fingers' shape.

    6. Winter Snowboard Gloves

    The Winter Snowboard is a ski glove made with nylon shell, wrist leashes, and thermal insulation. Its synthetic leather ensures the hand is protected against abrasion and increases the grip on poles. The glove also features a breathable membrane that enhances comfortability by allowing sweat and moisture to escape, thereby leaving dry and warm palms.

    Winter Snowboard gloves are designed to protect your hands from harsh weather conditions. Its reinforced synthetic leather palms prevent rain and snow from infiltrating the gloves.

    Key Features

    – Weatherproof, possessing a nylon shell
    – Designed to grip well
    – Works well for all winter activities.
    –  Has TPU breathable membrane
    – Features Adjustable wrist buckles

    Pros/Waterproofing feature and easy to use with the tightening strap.
    Cons/Dipping under 20 degrees F, these gloves may struggle to keep your hands warm.
    Bottom Line/These gloves hold up amazingly well, and the waterproofing characteristics of them are top-notch.

    Amid everything, the choice of ski gloves to use is a matter of preference and style. Several brands provide their consumers with distinct designs and features to augment the pleasant skiing experience. We urge you to use our guidelines and reviews to make the best choice concerning your ski gloves needs to have an awesome and comfortable skiing session.


    Ojonugwa Lawrence is a creative and disciplined outdoor writer with a background in psychology. Her love for outdoor adventures helps her connect to her readers and the universe as a whole.

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