6 Best Kayak Storage Racks for Your Home

    Whether it's a classic kayak hoist for a single boat or a more complex solution to store a few kayaks, these are the best kayak storage racks we've found

    One could easily argue that kayaking is among the best ways to spend time outdoors. It allows you to access areas you otherwise couldn’t, it’s a phenomenal full-body workout, it’s a budget-friendly hobby, and you don’t necessarily need to be particularly skilled to enjoy it. You do, however, have to have access to a kayak.

    Without a doubt, the storage and transportation aspects are some of the biggest barriers to kayak ownership. There’s just no getting around it: kayaks are big and bulky — even the lowest-profile models. Of course, you could go the inflatable kayak route, but some people prefer a traditional yak.

    If you have a kayak or are seriously considering getting one, you need to find a proper kayak storage solution. And no, propping it up against a wall in your garage doesn’t count as “proper” — that’s a good way to damage your yak.

    Whether you have a full-size garage to work with or you live in an apartment with no outdoor space, there are kayak storage racks and other storage solutions that will work for you. Aside from the differences in available real estate you may be working with, some kayak storage racks are better suited to specific types of boats. With so many different options, we’re breaking down the best and most popular to help you make a decision.

    Kayak storage racks for your home


    Whether you’re looking for a classic kayak hoist for a single boat or you need a more complex solution to store a few kayaks, these kayak storage racks are the best of the best:

    1. Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack

    The Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack is a wall-mounted kayak stand that works well indoors or out. It features two individual arms made from powder-coated steel and padded with tough nylon to protect the kayaks’ hull. The arms won’t rust, and every contact point between it and your yak is covered in the padding, so there’s no risk of scratching your boat.

    This kayak rack also comes with adjustable straps, but to be honest, the kayaks are secured very well without them. It is nice to have an additional layer of security, though. The Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack holds kayaks up to 125 pounds and extends just 21 inches from the wall.

    Pros/Simple and easy to install; works with a wide variety of kayaks and can be mounted as high or low as you want
    Cons/It’s a minor complaint, but the quality of the screws included seems to be hit or miss. If yours seem to be stripping, you’ll probably want to go get new ones at a hardware store
    Bottom Line/If you’re looking for a wall-mounted kayak rack, this is one of the best options available. Keep in mind when choosing where to install it, though, that you’ll be lifting your yak on and off the mount

    2. StoreYourBoard “Hi Port 2” Kayak Ceiling Rack

    Even the smallest or most jam-packed garages generally have a valuable source of under-used real estate: the ceiling. The StoreYourBoard Hi Port 2 makes good use of that space, offering kayak ceiling storage for two boats.

    The rack is composed of two individual upside-down T-shaped bars, each with padded arms. One of the neatest things about this rack is that those arms are individually mounted, so you can space them out as far as you need, to accommodate shorter or longer kayaks. They are also available in two different sizes, 25 inches (large) or 30 inches (XL), and each side holds up to 75 pounds. Each of the mounts is adjustable from 10 to 18 inches away from the ceiling, so you can really store a wide range of different types of kayaks on this rack.

    Pros/Tons of versatility. This kayak ceiling rack is suitable not just for yaks, but also paddle- and surfboards, skis, snowboards, and more
    Cons/Getting your kayaks down from this rack is not the easiest
    Bottom Line/This is an excellent, simple kayak storage solution for storing more than one boat. We especially like that you can store two completely different-sized boats because of the independent adjustability of each side

    3. Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak Storage Rack

    As the “hybrid” in the name implies, this Malone kayak storage rack is unlike any others on the market. It uses a combination of two wall-mounted j-hooks and two 12-foot nylon cam buckle straps to hold two kayaks — one in the cradles and one from the straps. Or, hold a kayak and a canoe, a kayak and a roof box, ski or snowboard equipment, or whatever pairing best suits your needs. The total weight capacity of the Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak Storage Rack is 200 pounds.

    The j-hooks are powder-coated and corrosion-resistant, so this kayak rack is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Pros/It’s incredibly easy to load and unload kayaks off of this wall mount, plus the oversized cradles make it compatible with a vast range of kayaks, canoes, and other gear
    Cons/There is very little padding on the cradles, so part of your kayak (or whatever else you’re storing) will come into contact with the metal
    Bottom Line/If you’re looking for a solid, simple-to-install, no-fuss kayak storage solution, look no further. Malone always delivers excellent quality and this rack is also backed with its limited lifetime warranty

    4. RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist Set

    Hoists have long been a favorite type of garage storage for all sorts of outdoor gear. They’re simple, affordable, efficient, and work just about anywhere with a roof — what’s not to love? Unlike some fixed kayak ceiling storage solutions, the RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist Set employs a pulley system, so it’s quick and easy to get your boat up and down.

    The hoist system features rubber-coated hooks and heavy-duty straps with a 125-pound capacity. There’s also a safety locking mechanism that prevents the pulleys from releasing. You get a heavy-duty kayak storage solution, but your hull is also protected from scratches and other damage. Best of all, RAD Sportz offers an unconditional, 100 percent lifetime guarantee.

    Pros/Effective and versatile kayak storage. In addition to kayaks, this hoist set can store paddleboards, surfboards, canoes, bicycles, and even ladders
    Cons/There’s nothing preventing the two loop-style straps from slipping, so you may need to come up with a solution for that to better secure your kayak
    Bottom Line/An excellent and super affordable kayak ceiling storage solution that gets your boat up and out of the way

    5. RAD Sportz Big EZ 2-Boat Storage Rack

    This freestanding kayak storage rack works very similarly to the Suspenz EZ Kayak Rack we discussed above, except this one isn’t wall-mounted. The RAD Sportz Big EZ 2-Boat Storage Rack is ideal for people who may not have a garage or wall space for hanging kayaks, or have plenty of available floor space.

    Each set of racks is independent from the other, so you can adjust them as far apart as necessary. And since they aren’t mounted to anything, it’s simple to move them around. You can even purchase casters separately to make moving the kayak rack even easier! Each of the four arms is covered with durable no-scratch foam and comes with adjustable security straps. The weight capacity is 100 pounds per set of arms, 200 pounds total.

    Pros/Since the two kayak stands are completely independent of one another, it’s easy to set up and transport anywhere. Plus, it accommodates a vast range of kayak styles and sizes
    Cons/Depending on the size of your kayaks, you may have to lift the top one completely off the rack to move the bottom one
    Bottom Line/An excellent, well-made, and straightforward kayak storage solution

    6. StoreYourBoard Omni Vertical 4-Kayak Wall Rack

    The final kayak storage solution on our list is for people who have several boats or paddleboards. The Omni Vertical Wall Rack from StoreYourBoard holds four kayaks up to 100 pounds each (400 pounds total).

    Each of the kayak wall rack’s arms is fully adjustable, and they can be adjusted independently of one another. Using a tried-and-true quick-release pin system, it’s quick and easy to adjust the spacing or angle of a single arm without needing to move the other kayaks. The rack extends 27 inches from the wall and the arms are angled slightly. This simple yet very clever design prevents kayaks from slipping at all. The arms are all also lined with thick felt padding to further prevent movement and protect against scratches.

    Pros/Very well-constructed with all metal parts, easy to install, and tremendous flexibility thanks to the independent adjustment system
    Cons/If you have more than two larger kayaks, they likely won’t all fit. This kayak rack is best for smaller kayaks or a combination of small and large, but you may have to spend some time figuring out how to fit them all in
    Bottom Line/This is one of the best kayak storage solutions for people with more than two boats

    Taryn Shorr is an avid outdoor enthusiast, frequent traveler, and wannabe photographer based in southern Arizona. She lives for the opportunity to explore The Great Outdoors, both at home and in new destinations, and firmly believes that nature is a form of both therapy and religion.


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