Best Bug Repellent for Camping

    The best bug repellents for camping come in several packages with features that make them stand out

    The hustle and bustle of everyday activity can be strenuous considering all the effort exerted to achieve a goal. However, as humans, sometimes we need relief from the stress and try as much as possible to enjoy nature. Camping is one of the easiest ways people can get away from urban life’s stress and be close to nature and all its offerings. This avenue is an excellent option until we remember insects and bugs’ menace that could make the camping trip unbearable.

    So how do we tackle the menace of a bug’s bite while still enjoying our camping trip? The answer is simple, Bug repellent. Bug sprays help protect the skin from bug bites and make camping trips enjoyable. Bug repellents come in several packages with features that make each of them stand out.

    In this post, we would be looking at the best bug repellent suitable for camping:

    1. OFF! Family Care Insect Repellent

    The OFF! Family care insect repellent is an excellent product designed to keep bugs away due to its build composition. Using Picaridin as its ingredient, the product keeps insects and bugs from your clothes and body hence deterring them from biting you.

    With the inclusion of DEET as an active ingredient, the product also comes in fragrances to mask the DEET’s smell. You can also use The OFF! Family care repellent on clothing to provide added protection.

    Pros/Utilizes spray-on method, comfortable packaging, family size design
    Cons/Needs reapplication every 6 hours and has a faint smell
    Bottom Line/It is a great option for outdoor activities, and it's very affordable for a product of that size

    2. REPEL Insect Repellent

    The Repel insect repellent is a fantastic product designed to protect you outdoors. It is a well-formulated lotion repellent combats and keeps away bugs and insects that may be spreading disease.

    The bug repellent comes in an easy-to-pack aesthetic design that can be easily moved around. With a formulation of 40 percent DEET composition, the repellent has a long-lasting effect before reapplication. Also included in its composition is the oil of lemon eucalyptus, which provides increased protection.

    Pros/Cloth-friendly and compact
    Cons/The product can be greasy
    Bottom Line/The Repel insect repellent is a great choice for most outdoor activities

    3. Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repellent

    The Thermacell Backpacker is a new insect repellent method that is different from the conventional repellent. However, this repellent uses a technique whereby the heat from a fuel canister is depleted to form a mat that repels bugs. This repellent provides protection up to 15 feet.

    The manufacturers of the allethrin repeller designed it with the safety of its users in mind. This bug repellent is very safe and CDC-approved for use. This means that DEET and other traditional components found in bug repellents are absent from this product. The repellent mat provides users with four hours of protection and can run for 90 hours on a 4-ounce backpack stove.

    Pros/Wide range of protection and doesn't come with any unfavorable smell
    Cons/Limited usage time
    Bottom Line/If you intend to use a repellent for a large group, this is the best option

    4. Sawyer Premium Picaridin insect repellent

    The Sawyer Premium Picaridin insect repellent is one of the best ones you can find on the market due to its design and composition. This insect repellent which makes use of picaridin, one of the ingredients approved by the CDC for use in insect repellent, which has strong and lasting protection of 8 to 10 hours.

    The insect repellent also utilizes a pump spray method of application which is easy to use. The design also passes all airline regulations and can be transported without restrictions.

    Pros/Easy to transport and comes in a compact design
    Cons/Though 20% Picaridin should work against deer ticks, many of the user reviews on this product have said it isn't as effective as expected
    Bottom Line/This product is an excellent choice for camping. However, it doesn't provide 100% protection against deer tick

    5. Coleman 100 Max insect Repellent

    The Coleman 100 Max Insect Repellent has the safety of campers and hikers in mind. This insect repellent has a composition of 100 percent DEET, which provides extra protection against mosquitoes and bugs. The insect repellent has a design that allows users to utilize the container in a continuous spray motion.

    Coleman insect repellent has a long-lasting effect of about 10 hours and provides continued protection from insects and bugs. The composition also stops and withstands sweat and perspiration, resulting from increased heat and humidity when camping.

    Pros/Waterproof and oil-proof
    Cons/The product comes in a small container
    Bottom Line/If you and your loved ones would be spending a lot of time camping, it is best if you got more than one Coleman repellent

    6. Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent

    The Thermacell Radius Zone repellent is an electronic bug repellent designed to take away the apply-on method of conventional repellent. This rechargeable device operates for 6.5 hours with a full charge. The product is also designed to work while charging, so there is uninterrupted protection from bugs and insects.

    The device uses a USB charger and can be connected to any power source with such a port for charging. Users can also set an auto-off timer and lock mode to determine how long the device operates and when it should turn off.

    Pros/The device is rechargeable
    Cons/The usage time for a full charge is relatively low
    Bottom Line/The Thermacell Radius Zone repellent is a great choice for camping as it repels bugs and doesn't have the smell of conventional repellents

    We have looked at some of the best bug repellents available by showing their feature and functionalities. Deciding on which repellent is best suited for your needs deserves certain consideration, such as how long it lasts and if it doesn’t have any adverse effect on your health. These factors should determine your final choice. Most of the above-reviewed products allow the user to apply it directly to their body or clothing, while others create a huge barrier against bugs and insects. These products give users ample protection against bugs.


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