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New Idea Shop to Focus on Active Lifestyle Brands – Outsiders 365 Founded by Ad Legends West and McClure

From left to right, Outsiders 365 team members Travis Halff, business development manager; Meghan Varner, account manager; Tito West, promotions adviser; and Rebecca Berzewski, account director.

Two of the nation’s most legendary creative minds have teamed up to launch Outsiders 365, a boutique agency focusing solely on active lifestyle brands through alliance, experiential, and diversity marketing initiatives.

Bill West, creative director of Taylor West Advertising, and Tim McClure, co-founder of GSD&M, are lifelong friends who dreamed up Outsiders 365 to embody their passionate belief that everyone can benefit from an active life that’s lived outside as much as possible.

“Bill and I have been talking about building a legend for years, and Outsiders 365 is the perfect platform for our collective passion,” McClure says.

The new agency walks the talk. Outsiders 365 is comprised of outdoor enthusiasts and will work exclusively with brands, organizations, and communities that share their love for the outdoors and commitment to getting more people outside and active.

Outsiders 365 is thinking big; while based in San Antonio and Austin, the agency is on a mission to ignite change across the country.

“We are truly unique in the outdoor space,” West says. “We are a fun, young team of strategists, creative thinkers, new media marketers, and digital developers connecting outdoors brands and organizations with the rapidly growing community of outdoor enthusiasts.”

One of the guiding principles of Outsiders 365 is to address the myriad issues facing society and the industry.

Getting the next generation of kids excited about outdoor activities in an era of video games and other media competing for their attention is one of the most critical issues facing the outdoor industry, according to Zohar Ziv of Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Hispanic, African American, and Asian kids especially are not participating, he says.

Outsiders 365 will specialize in reaching one of these severely underrepresented groups, Hispanic Americans.

“As the fastest growing segment of our population, Hispanics are fueling our nation’s growth,” says Outsiders 365 team member and industry expert Jessica Massay.

“In 17 states, kindergarten classes average 1 in 5 Hispanic kids. While access to outdoor activities has historically been limited for Hispanics, it’s important to create open, affordable access and foster a love for the outdoors – including in urban areas. As one of the most prominent Hispanic cities in the nation, and with a climate that invites us to get outside, San Antonio is the perfect place to launch our mission,” Massay says.

As one of its first projects, Outsiders 365 is partnering with Síclovía, a free event that turns major city streets into a safe place for people to exercise and play, to enhance the event’s presence on social media, particularly to groups that are underrepresented in engaging with the outdoors.

Happening this Sunday, Sept. 28, in San Antonio, Síclovía is expected to attract 70,000 people. Outsiders 365 will have a team of more than 30 at the event, promoting the 365er mentality of getting outside and active.

Image courtesy Outsiders 365

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