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Boat-D-Funk Boat Cleaning Spray… Cleans and Deodorizes Your Boat’s Surfaces


Boat-D-Funk is versatile. Use it to clean and deodorize the surfaces in your boat, including plastic, metal, brass, chrome, carpet, rubber, canvas, vinyl and fiberglass. Boat-D-Funk will remove stubborn mold and mildew, rust stains, dirt, and grease. Its unique formula is free of bleach and harsh chemicals. Use it without concern in live wells and bait wells.

There are countless odor elimination products on the market today. The better ones use either odor neutralization technology or odor counteraction technology. Both technologies work at the molecular level, and both are effective. But nobody had successfully combined these technologies until D-Funk! Dubbed Double Down, this dual-action odor elimination technology has proven to be far more effective than either of the other technologies used alone. Even more remarkable is the fact that D-Funk odor eliminating products are environmentally safe and free of harsh chemicals. This allows them to be used in and around water and on humans and pets without concern.

Boat-D-Funk is available in a handy 32-ounce spray bottle that makes it easy to clean even the most difficult to reach surfaces on your boat.

Boat-D-Funk odor removal spray is a product of Contec, a leading international manufacturer of wipe products, is based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. There are several products in the D-Funk line, including Fish-D-Funk odor removal wipes, Fish-D-Funk fish catching wipes, Dog-D-Funk odor removal wipes or spray, Cooler-D-Funk cooler cleaning wipes or spray, and Gun-D-Funk™ gun cleaning wipes.

Learn more about Boat-D-Funk and all Fish-D-Funk products at www.d-funkwipes.com.


Chris Roman 864-503-8333 or info@contecinc.com

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