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Leatt Enters Cycling Market with Full Line of Mountain Bike-Specific Protection for 2015

Leatt, well known in cycling and motocross for inventing the protective neck brace, has expanded its product line to include a full line of cycling-specific protection. It will debut its new collection to the North American market at the Interbike trade show Sept. 10-12 in Las Vegas.

Leatt’s new bike-specific line includes a revolutionary new helmet that introduces industry-leading technologies such as 3D in-molded V-foam and Armourgel constructed 360º Turbines. Leatt’s line also includes chest protectors, neck braces and an Enduro-influenced line of gloves, hydration packs, and knee and elbow pads. With this collection, Leatt now offer protection for every inch of the rider’s body – the most technologically advanced and protective systems for all mountain bike disciplines.

“Leatt is brand backed by science that truly aims to bring the highest level of protection possible,” said Jason McCune, Leatt Brand Manager. “We develop new protection technology and incorporate them into our designs to create life-changing pieces of equipment. There is a lot of crossover between the sports of motocross and mountain biking in terms of protection needs. We see opportunity in cycling to apply our scientific approach to protection successfully, and everyone at Leatt is excited about what we’ve been able to produce.”

Helmet Line

The DBX 6.5 V10 Carbon helmet brings new level of protection by combining 3D in-molded V-foam and the 360º Turbine technology. The 3D in-molded V-Foam uses multi-density impact foam designed for both medium and high-energy impacts. The V shaped structure deforms and compresses upon impact, absorbing and reducing g-forces transferred to the head. Leatt’s 360º Turbines are donut shaped discs constructed of Armourgel that are strategically placed throughout the helmet to maximize low energy impact absorption and protect against multiple impacts. These Turbines can deform in all directions and also allow for controlled head movement within the helmet that reduces brain-related injuries by displacing forces across the head. Initial lab tests showed a 30%-50% reduction in energy transferred to the head as a result of the 360º Turbines. With this technology, Leatt is able to attain a closer fit between the helmet shell and the head, thus resulting in less helmet rotation on impact. In addition to bringing superior construction and protection, these helmets also feature 16 large vents, hydration ready lower chin bar, low-friction cheek pads for emergency removal, moisture-wicking and breathable anti-microbial snap-out liners, and optimized neck brace compatibility.

Enduro Line

Whether you choose to pedal to the top or stick to shuttles and lifts, Leatt’s line of bike specific knee and elbow pads, gloves and hydration packs will keep rides safer and more enjoyable. Leatt offers a wide range of elbow and kneepads that offer different levels of protection and mobility to keep you safe without slowing you down. The Airflex elbow and kneepads utilize malleable Armourgel that hardens upon impact and offers an extremely lightweight yet protective pad that will not impact your mobility. The Airflex Lite and Airflex Wind gloves protect the hand via Armourgel inserts and are constructed of Leatt’s NanoFibre palm material, which add durability and excellent grip to both gloves. Leatt’s line of hydration packs are all neck brace compatible and offer a secure fit over different levels of water capacity and cargo space. The DBX Cargo 3.0 hydration pack incorporates a 3DF back protector on the outside of the pack, a waterproof cell phone pouch, and a full-face helmet and Leatt neck brace carrying system, in addition to its 3L bladder and 10L pack.

Neck and body Protection

For serious impact, Leatt’s line of neck braces and body armor provide the ultimate line of defense. Leatt is the industry leader and creator of the neck brace. Each year Leatt has continually worked to improve its design and functionality to create the safest and most well-designed neck brace on the market. The DBX 6.5 neck brace uses a MaxiWeave Carbon matrix to achieve a 620g brace that features on-board, 3-way adjustment for improved fit, folding thoracic for easy storage and a lowered helmet rim striking platform profile for improved range of motion without impacting safety. Leatt’s body protectors include, or allow for, neck brace compatibility and offer the best in torso protection. The 3DF Airfit Lite Body and 3DF Airfit Lite Body Vest are two of Leatt’s most breathable and lightweight chest protectors. Both chest protectors use 3DF impact foam, which offers malleable protection and reduces the overall weight, MoistureCool wicking fabrics to keep you cool, and three-dimensional design for the perfect fit.

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Leatt will be exhibiting its new line at Interbike booth #10155.


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