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invisaband, Natural Mosquito Repellent Band by Gogadgety Inc., Provides Alternative to Toxic, Sticky Sprays and Lotions

The DEET-free, long lasting band will be crowdfunding on Indiegogo until September 13.

invisaband, currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, is a DEET-free, mosquito-repellent microfibre bracelet. The band, created by Gogadgety Inc., is just over a week into its campaign and has raised over $2,000. Gogadgety Inc. hopes to raise $10,000 for invisaband by September 13, 2014.

invisaband is an improvement upon existing repellents on the market. Unlike messy mosquito repellent lotions and sprays, invisaband requires no rubbing and makes no mess.

Additionally, invisaband voids the need to continuously re-apply the repellent. The microfibre material allows for a gradual release of the active ingredient, geraniol oil.

This slow release allows invisaband to effectively repel mosquitoes for more than 120 hours. When the band is not in use, it can simply be stored in the airtight pouch it arrives in.

The convenience of invisaband makes it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers, campers, climbers and fishers can now spend hours outdoors without worrying about being bitten by mosquitoes. The long-lasting nature of invisaband also makes it ideal for outdoor sporting events. Fans can catch every moment of action without taking their eyes off the game to reapply a mosquito spray.

invisaband is adjustable to fit all wrist sizes, and can even be attached as a strap to a belt loop, hat, stroller or backpack. This versatile attachment of the band makes it ideal for families enjoying outdoor summer fun. The band will fit on family members of all sizes, and parents don’t have to worry about chasing down children to reapply a mosquito repellent spray.

Those interested can contribute to invisaband’s crowdfunding campaign to buy their own set of invisabands. Just $19 earns contributors one pack of five invisabands that will retail for $25 after the campaign. To ease worries about whether or not invisaband actually works, the creators have even backed their product with a 60-day, money-back guarantee. To learn more about invisaband and contribute to the campaign, visit the Indiegogo page at


Erin Kenny
Gogadgety Inc.
(336) 671-7711

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