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Get Wire-free, Tangle-free and Frustration-free Sound with 1 Voice—Incredible Headbands and Beanies with Built-in Bluetooth Technology

Say goodbye to bothersome cords and popping out earbuds with 1 Voice.

You’ve never seen Bluetooth like this! Imagine mind-blowing, wire-free sound streaming through your beanie or headband! Say goodbye to bothersome cords and popping out earbuds with 1 Voice!

1 Voice—an active lifestyle-inspired wearable technology brand—designs amazing fitness and athletic accessories with built-in Bluetooth headphones. From an athletic headband perfect for working out and keeping stray hairs out of your face to a stylish beanie that’s right at home on the slopes or on the street, these innovative and discreet accessories deliver quality wireless sound without the burden of cords. Simply sync any phone or music playing device via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go. No more figuring out where to put that player so the cord won’t snag! No more worrying about too short or tangled wires! With 1 Voice you can put your focus where it belongs—on having fun and keeping fit!

Exercising shouldn’t be a juggling act! With the 1 Voice Headband figuring where to put your phone or mp3 player for minimum tugging and popping out of earbuds is no longer an issue. With a built-in Bluetooth receiver, sleek earbud wires and perfectly fitted gel earbuds, this stylish and functional headband not only keeps hair in place, but music as well. Plus, enhanced performance fabric wicks away sweat and moisture for a cool and dry experience that delivers quality sound and modern style whether on a run, commuting to work or hitting the gym.

Get cool audio technology while keeping that head warm with the 1 Voice Beanie. This toasty knit beanie is the ultimate in built-in Bluetooth sound technology. Unisex and available in sleek smoky blue or classic black, The 1 Voice Beanie fits comfortably on the head and ears with built-in Bluetooth and earphones for unbelievable earbud free sound and wire-free convenience while snowboarding, running, hiking or heading to work. No more earbud headaches, no more dangling wires, with the 1 Voice Beanie any one can enjoy amazing sound in amazing comfort and style.

With 12 years of apparel brand managing and planning experience, 1 Voice Founder, Girish Karnani decided to take apparel functionality to the next level. Launched in 2013, 1 Voice combines comfort, durability, technology and sound to deliver the highest quality experience without sacrificing style. Realizing the ever-growing use of earbuds during exercise, recreation and even during the commute, 1 Voice has taken the frustration out of using portable devices. Wire-free, tangle-free and frustration-free, 1 Voice is the next generation in functional modern apparel.


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