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Portable GFCI Cord Lets Users Take Safety Whereever They Go

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) are designed to protect people from line-to-ground shock hazards. These may develop from faulty appliances, tools or defective portable cords. If a ground fault does occur and the leakage level exceeds four to six milliamperes, the GFCI unit protects the users by opening the circuit and interrupting the power supply. Hubbell Marine offers GFCI Line Cords and Portable Plugs to help make boating safer.

Hubbell’s UL-listed Circuit Guard GFCI Line Cords provide ground fault protection indoor and out. Available in lengths of 18″, 6′ and 25′, they are offered with an automatic set or manual set to meet the needs of various applications. A multiple outlet model is also offered.

These Line Cords feature an all-glass circuit board to provide superior moisture immunity. One-piece, flush-sealed keypads offer greater reliability and resistance to damage due to impact. UV-stabilized housing resists dust, sunlight and chemicals for a long life.

Heavy-duty molded plugs and connectors, combined with solid, crimped and soldered plug blades provide a dependable connection. Molded strain relief prevents conductor strain and resulting failure. A bright fault indication light provides fault confirmation from a distance.

Hubbell also offers Circuit Guard Portable GFCI Plugs, offered in manual set and automatic set. They feature a power indicator light and straight blades. After tripping, users can reset the module by pushing a button, while a test button enables them to make sure the GFCI is in working order.

Hubbell Marine’s Circuit Guard Portable GFCI Line Cords and Plugs have a starting retail price of $99.99.


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