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Tent Sure Polyurethane Tent Waterproofing Gets New and Improved Applicator

Gear Aid is pleased to introduce a new easy-to-use applicator for its water-based polyurethane sealant, Tent Sure™. Ideal for waterproofing tents, backpacks and rain gear, the new brush-top applicator makes applying waterproof coatings to fabrics a breeze.

A polyurethane (PU) coating is applied to the inside fabric on most tents, backpacks and rain gear to make the fabric waterproof. With time this coating may break down leaving the fabric with a sticky or gummy feel. The breakdown of polyurethane may even create foul odors that some have likened to vomit or urine.

“When outdoor fabrics like tents or backpacks start to wet through, become sticky or have a foul odor, more likely than not, the polyurethane coating is beginning to break down,” said Gerald Craft, consumer marketing director. “Rest assured, when this happens you don’t have to throw it away and can still salvage your favorite piece of gear. Simply remove the old coating and apply a new one with Tent Sure.”

Tent Sure’s new and improved applicator makes it easy to apply the product directly from the bottle without excessive puddles or pooling. Safe for use on tents, tarps, stuff sacks, awnings, boat covers, backpacks and rain gear, Tent Sure provides complete waterproofing on most outdoor fabrics. For more information, please visit:

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