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Schiller Sports, Inc. Debuts the Most Revolutionary Water Bike in the World

Kicking off the birth of a new water sport and the next frontier in cycling.

Schiller Sports, Inc. announced today the debut of its X1 water bike heralding a new frontier in water sports and cycling. The most advanced production water bike in the world, the ‘Schiller Bike’ is constructed out of anodized aluminum, stainless steel, a proprietary propulsion and steering system, and rugged, inflatable pontoons that allow for easy transport, assembly and breakdown.

Developed with state-of-the-art engineering and design, the Schiller will simultaneously revolutionize the water sports and cycling industries, enabling millions of people around the world to have an exhilarating, dynamic and safe biking experience on the water, one that has virtually no learning curve. This is the next frontier in biking ­ road, mountain, and now, water, kicking off a new sport and recreational activity that will change the way people look at waterways around the globe.

“From the outset, our goal was to design and manufacture the most advanced production water bike ever created. The X1 is the reflection of an all-star team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen working together with cycling and water sport experts to invent something the world has never seen,” said founder and CEO, Judah Schiller. “The time has come at last for people to experience the thrill and freedom of biking across a spectacular blue planet.”

The number of ‘firsts’ here are pretty astounding. For example:

  • This is one of the only bikes in the world that goes in reverse
  • Rudderless technology and twin oscillating props are controlled at the handlebars
  • Unlike any boat, wave runner, Kayak, or Stand Up Paddleboard, the X1 fits into the trunk of a car or home closet


The X1 is the most advanced production water bike in the world. Its iconic design features striking curves, bold colors, an anodized aluminum frame and stainless steel precision engineered parts.  A proprietary drive train employs Gate carbon drive belts, flexible shafts, and twin oscillating propellers that move left and right, eliminating the need for a rudder. Dual chamber, rugged, inflatable pontoons ensure maximum rider safety on the water. The X1 bike train is virtually maintenance free and is contained within a watertight compartment that is serviceable by bike mechanics around the world. The X1 can achieve speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour (10 miles per hour) depending on rider ability. The bike is ergonomically designed with interchangeable bike components (saddle, handlebars, cranks, and pedals), LED lighting and a variety of system features to ensure maximum safety on the water.


  • Iconic design language
  • Hard anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Maximum conversion of energy to propulsion
  • Pure rotary motion. No right angle gears
  • Fast, and can reach speeds of approximately 8 knots per hour, depending on rider ability
  • Safe and stable
  • Easy assembly and knock down
  • Compact footprint ­ fits in in car trunk or home closet
  • Intuitive UX
  • Rugged, inflatable 2-chamber pontoons
  • Modular architecture
  • LED lighting
  • Variety of color options
  • Weight is approximately 45 pounds
  • One of the only bikes in the world that can go in reverse


The Schiller X1 is available online directly from Schiller Sports, Inc. at www.schillerbikes.com.

The company plans to deliver the first bikes following Labor Day

€  Schiller X1 MSRP: $6,495
€  Schiller X1 Founder¹s Edition – $ 8,775

  • Only 250 X1 Founder¹s Edition bikes will be manufactured.
  • Each bike is engraved with a serial number, date of manufacture and buyer¹s name.
  • Color is a wet dipped mirror chrome frame that reflects the natural environment.
  • Technology guarantee: owners receive all performance enhancing components and accessories free of charge for two years from date of purchase (limitations apply).

Schiller bikes are designed and manufactured in Northern California.

“Our team¹s commitment to design, technology, safety and engineering, matched with a passion for all things aquatic, is what guides us every day,” added Schiller.

Image courtesy Schiller Sports

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