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Solution54 Wraps up Successful Snow Launch – Secures Patent in Preparation for Next Season

Solution54 is officially the only platform of its kind in the retail industry, and we wanted to tell SIA members about it first since you helped make it happen!

For those of you who didn’t see us at the SIA tradeshow in Denver, we’re the former retailers from the Colorado Boarder in Crested Butte Colorado who developed an e-commerce system specifically to support brick and mortar sales.

Solution54 has the only website in the industry where independently owned shops can share inventory, customers, and profits. Don’t have the board your customer wants? Find it on Solution54 and profit off a product you never even touched. Been sitting on those Alpine Skis all season? Put them on Solution54 and sell it to a customer in a shop across the country.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, it’s just never been done before, and our patented system means Solution54 is the only entity that can help retailers connect through the internet to make sales to their in-store customers.

The Solution54 system is available only to member retailers, not the general public, so its vendor approved. It’s also free to join, you pay only when you make a sale. Preparations for the 2014/2015 season are underway, so use the summer off-season to your advantage. Post your unsold inventory, for free, on Solution54. If we match it to a customer we’ll pay you your share of the proceeds. If you can sell it yourself take it off the site and keep all the proceeds yourself. We are a safety net to help move product, but you don’t pay for that safety net unless you use it.

Retailers who already have an account can add inventory anytime. If you aren’t a member visit our website at to sign up.  In ten minutes retailers can now add a totally new e-commerce component to their businesses that will directly affect sell through and year end margin. Solution54 is the only system that not only makes the connection between inventory and customers; it wires sales proceeds directly into member retailer’s accounts with every sale!

“Solution54 – Turning Competitors into Allies”

Logo courtesy Solution54

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