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RAMP Sports Expands OEM Ski and Snowboard Production for ‘14/15 Season

RAMP Sports will be expanding OEM ski and snowboard manufacturing for winter ‘14/15, continuing with the success of the ‘13/14 season, offering their patent pending production technology to brands of both small and large scale.

RAMP’s OEM production process offers top technology to companies that may not have options with bigger manufacturers. RAMP also has the ability to fulfill orders of any size, along with manufacturing in the U.S. to provide better communication and faster turn around time throughout production.

“Our vacuum-molding technology combined with our patent pending side cut invention, have made us the most flexible process in the industry,” said Mike Kilchenstein, Founder and CESnow of RAMP Sports. “It allows for us to make the order process extremely flexible, allowing for orders from a range of 20 skis to thousands.”

RAMP utilizes a modern vacuum-molding process modeled after aerospace processes. The vacuum bag works with 1 atmosphere of pressure, which distributes forces evenly and allows layers and materials to retain their natural shapes creating a bigger sweet spot. The result is a high quality, better performing ski that is much easier to use. RAMP also utilizes a side cut invention that allows them to change the shape, width, or radius of a ski or board without spending thousands of dollars to make a new mold.

RAMP is now accepting orders for the ‘14/15 season. For more information on RAMP’s OEM manufacturing or to place an order, please contact: Mike Kilchenstein,

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