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High Water Highlights from Day One of the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games

Off to a great start at the 2014 GoPro Mountain Games.

With an above average snowpack in Colorado and recent warm temperatures, the water was raging down Class V Homestake Creek today, where more than 50 of the best kayakers in the world raced against the clock at the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Steep Creek Championships on day one of the GoPro Mountain Games. In the women’s race Martina Wegman won for the third year in a row, while Isaac Levinson edged out world champion Dane Jackson in the men’s race.

Competition reached all new levels in the men’s race with Dane Jackson navigating the course in a record time of 1:37.03. Jackson was however unable to hang onto the top spot because of a bobble on the last rapid in the course during his second run. Coming off a back injury last season, Isaac Levinson was quick to capitalize on mistakes made by Russ Sturgis and Jackson to clinch the victory with a three run combined time of 1:40.35.

The women’s race proved to be equally as exciting as the men’s with Sage Donnelly, age 13, from Reno, Nevada, becoming not only the youngest competitor in the 10-year history of the race, but also the second place finisher. Martina Wegman of the Netherlands defended her title against fierce competition from Donnelly, Louise Jull of New Zealand and Adriene Levknecht of South Carolina.  The women’s Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Steep Creek wrapped up with Wegman coming out on top, Donnelly in second, Jull in third and Levknecht in fourth.

For a full list of finishing times from the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita Steep Creek Championships please click here for finals results. For more info on the weekend’s upcoming events, please visit the For additional image and video assets, click here.

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